I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Suicide and Variant Lives, Part 1

Suicide and Variant Lives. Part 1

This was a different experience.  This dialogue did not flow well and some parts were not consistent with earlier insights.  Admittedly, the subject matter on variant lives, let alone suicide, is pretty advanced, and my conscious mind stepped in.  For the first time I felt like I had to go back and edit a response, so I crossed it out.  The parts that came thereafter felt somewhat forced.  

Later that day I picked this dialogue up again and got responses that addressed the issues very well.  It also confirmed that my conscious mind interfered here in parts, and that I should have rather let the dialogue flow.

I was not sure if I should post this, but decided to do so anyways because the later dialogue confirmed there are valid parts.  I present it lightly edited, as to reflect by the second dialogue.  It serves to show how things can get a bit off track if the conscious mind slips in too much.

7/21/2010 8:50 a.m.

Sitting outside, beautiful morning.  Got some stuff done first to clear my mind, checking todos off the list. Not sure if it is too late, but I want to try this.

I want to talk about suicide. And how in the interlife (life between life) literature, it always states that the non-3D parts, “the council”  as they call it, frowns on it.  It is the only way of dying that is not, how should I say, “acceptable,” is that the word?  Unless it is suicide when you are terminally ill and will die anytime.  

So I am wondering how this “translates” into the view of the composite soul? Are you there?

The Club: Yes, we are and it’s a good subject. Now, look, suicide cuts short a learning experience of a variant life. That is true in the singular view [soul as a unit] and for the variant life view (all choices are always taken).

Now if a variant life takes the shortcut, so to speak, then other variant lives do not.  So “statistically” speaking it may not matter, […]. No matter what, the point of being in 3D is to learn. So yes, while there are always lifelines that will lead to suicide […], it is not the best choice because that variant life here could have been the other [lifeline] that goes on.  Yet, then, if the choice exists, invariably one lifeline will take it.  And upon return [from 3-D to All-D], the oversoul will “analyze” why it took this choice, so it can learn.  Thereby, through this choice, the greater system will learn. […]

So suicide constitutes bad or undesirable?

Well, it’s one of those things...  Overall we would like the variant not to do it, as to keep learning. In that sense, yes. But since other variants […] do go on,  no.  So it is really like “Why did YOU (out of all) take that choice?”  It really is not a scolding, though!

OK, so what about the terminally ill?

Also a yes and no. In some cases, the dying experience is supposed to be a lesson.  Look at your father’s death, how long it took.

Yes, I struggle with that thought.

Right, but remember, let’s say your dad had committed suicide (as unthinkable as that may seem), then another variant life would have continued with the suffering.  And since all the variant lives of that terminally ill person do lead to death (as do all lives, by the way), then the impact of the choice is not quite that severe, and thus not considered “as undesirable”  if you take your life in the [prime] of your life.

“The [prime] of your life.” But for that person, at that time, there is only darkness, depression, as it was with J. (Heather’s murderer, who then also killed himself).

Yes, and the point is how to work through that darkness, when all seems so dark.  Don’t you think J., if he had been able to do so and probably does in variant lives, don’t you think that would have been an immense learning experience?  Of course!  We learn the most in the times of darkness, of pain, because then clearly life does not flow optimally.  In those moments are the greatest nuggets for advancement, for growth, and if mastered, for teaching others!  Teaching both in 3D and as part of being a strand-soul that feeds into other souls:  [teaching that] you/we can overcome that problem!

And again, realize that if for a given life, in the All-that-Is and all its possible variant lives, there are these successful paths taken as long as such a path exists!
Let me say that again, as long as a path exists a variant life will take it.

That can’t be right.

[This is where my concsious mind stepped in:   “…as long as such as path exists” felt wrong and I crossed it out.  Dialogue #2 showed I should have just let it flow further, and will correct it.  In what follows I tried to pick it up again, but it felt forced; however dialogue #2 confirmed there are good parts herein, so I show the rest for the record.]

And you know, such as path ALWAYS exist, quite simply because suicide is a personal choice. It always is! So there is always the other option.

But then we are back to futility? If all choices exist and are taken, then what does it matter?

It matters! Greatly! To this life! The premise is to learn and experience as much as possible. That is like a maxim. And every variant life should and will thrive for that.  That’s why we said earlier that a suicide in the prime of life is undesirable, because, yes, while [the path] is taken, it could have been more for that life, and the question becomes “why did you do it?”

Hmmm. It seems that in that question there is learning for the higher parts, through?

Yes, but we have heard all the answers, depression, anger, and so on.  The more interesting part is the answer of the life that went on: “how did you get through it?”

But then there is value in that answer.

Yes, but it comes at a high price. The loss of a life, too early, based on a choice, is always hard.

Others have stated that in the grand scheme of things, a given life not that big a deal.

[…] Any life is precious, brimming with potential. Of course, we are more interested whenever a life finds a way to overcome a challenge, because that is growth, but each life IS us, and we are each life, and we want it to succeed. So, taking the shortcut is always drastic. Yes, another variant did not [take the shortcut]…

But all these choices ARE already in the crystal [metaphor for all possibilities existing in All-That-Is].  So the possibility of suicide exists “beforehand” and it has to be taken.

Yes, of course.

[ I stopped, rereading the above… ]

OK, Club, some of this contradicts itself. Was this just me?

In parts, yes, in parts,no.

Can we reset?

Let’s do it next time.

[ Continued and “corrected”  in part 2 ]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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