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Suicide and variant lives: any life-test implies a possible bad outcome

Losing Yourself in the Ground of Being.

7/21/2019, Sunday, 5:25 P.M.

This morning did not go well. An answer came that I did not like, or noticed a discrepancy, and I started to edit. So let me try to tune in, not sure if I can do it now.

The Club: Why not? What is different now than in the morning, for you don’t do it right after you wake up either.

OK, then let’s go.

So state your difficulty.

I’ll go back to this morning and copy the section here that disturbed me.

Fine, just reread.

“As long as such a path [which is not suicide] exist, then variant lives* will take it.” So I took it to be like, “Wait! In the crystal (All-That-is) at the point of suicide, there is always a path.”  And that’s where I am stuck.
Nothing is coming

*[Explanation: “Variant life” could also be called “alternative life” or “probable self.”  It is linked to the idea of “alternative realties,” also in quantum physics “the many words” or “many minds” interpretation, however there are differences.]

Because you have a preconceived notion of how things are, and trying to force a conscious understanding on top of it.
So let’s start with All-That-Is, which contains all possible paths and lives. Feeding into each other, from the past to the future, and the future pulling the past, so to speak. It is all related.

Fine, so then, suicide is always in this construct, if it comes up.

Yes, the notion of suicide is in the construct as a possibility. And at that point, a choice can be made. Where is the problem? “As long as such a path exists, variant lives will take it.”

But you made it sound, or rather maybe I interpreted it as there may be cases where the alternate path does not exist. Because if so, we talk about destiny.

We see your difficulty, but it’s just how you interpret this.

So then, there is always a path?

Yes. Probabilities of 0 or 1 do not exist in the grand scheme of things. *
*[In statistics, we state probabilities between 0 and 1, with a probability of 1 is always, and 0 is never. ]

That seems like a big statement. Did I just make this up?

No, probability of that is neither 0 or 1 [laughing].

Aha, so you leave the chance open [laughing as well]

Now look, we made it clear these discussions ARE with yourself, with parts other than normal consciousness.  Within that spectrum, you have to allow for a variance, especially since you do interpret any input through your 3D mind.  So a statement like that above [that I struggled with], really any statement, will have a 3D component to it.


Maybe in trance it would be different, right? Then, “you” get completely out of the way. But here, especially now, you may not be completely receptive, and your 3D mind does interfere.

Now look, clearly no 3D mind is forever. So, even when you through all variants to their end, one (or more) arrives at a maximum possible length of time.  Maybe it’s 78 years, maybe it’s 105 or whatever. Each 3D life has such a maximum [within all its variants].  And yes, some may indeed not grow very old, due to stipulations of the body, health, and so on.

But there is a maximum duration which is possible in the construct of All-That-Is!  And at that point, when a variant life reached through some choices or whatnot this maximum point, then there is the probability of ‘1’ that it will end.

But that is really true for any variant life.  Since all possible probabilities exist already, each variant life has some sort of maximum age it can reach. In part, some branches may be already limited because of past choices, health choices, or because they are pulled towards some future point.

No matter what, each branch does have this maximum it can reach.

But is that not destiny?

No, because in the grand scheme of your life with all its variants, all paths are taken. And from this point forward here in this [your] variant all paths are also taken!  It’s just that for each variant, some choices are possible.

OK, so can suicide ever be such an endpoint?  A maximum “age?”

No, that is always a choice. Right, you see that?  Do “I” pull the trigger?  Do “I” slit my pulse?  Whatever.  You see what we mean. Because it is always you.  Not old age, reaching some maximum age. So yes, in the crystal [a metaphor for the construct of All-That-Is that contains all possibilities] there are then choice points when one path leads to suicide, and all others do not. And hopefully, the weighing of these paths…  ok, let’s back, we sense your hesitation. All paths are taken, and with all weightings, so that all possible experiences can be taken.


You’re being cerebral again, instead of just stating it.

Yes, this notion of weights bothers me.

It’s been a long time [since I had that insight*], so maybe we need to review.
*[I never wrote down the final insight, so this post here is as a good review as any, however this post lead up to it: "Choice, Free Will, and Destiny – a play with probabilities" ]

Right, it was like setting a lever in a stream that would divert, say, 10% left and 90% right. So that that much of the life force would go that way and this way*.
*[ life force, or conviction: how sure you are about a choice]

Right, and thus at the end of it all certain results carry more weight.

Yes, but we also said that really all weights are taken, so then again, what is the point?

[laughing] The point is the experience! To get all possible experiences, with all paths, with all life forces!  It is all about the experience, the learning, by way of choices.  And that is the main point.  You/We want to experience what it is like if 1% goes left and 99% goes right, AND vice versa, and all variants in-between!!!
> What the experience of LIFE is. <  (underline that whole sentence!)

And so, even a suicide does carry in one variant and weight combination the full brunt, and the experience of that is registered as well.

OK, then, I can kind of see that, but that’s a hard one.

Infinities of infinities.  Each life carries an infinity of possible experiences, and all must be experienced and registered in the whole final probability cloud.  And what will come out of it, as you showed in the images, that in certain regions certain strengths or weaknesses to arise, and that is soul after all experiences have run their course.

So then, All-That-Is [that construct within All-that-Is that holds all possibilities in the 3D world] is only, for lack of words, the external situation, but as these probabilities are explored, “flowed through,” by way of choice in all possible strengths, the experience and learning come out of this.

Fine.  So what of the material this morning after the edit?

Well, parts or a lot of this was overlaid by your mind.

Right, because the possibilities of various deaths are in the All-That-Is ?

Yes, they are planed in. However, as it did state this morning, it is interesting for us to learn why certain choices were made or not made (both together), because that is also where we lean.

OK. So I will reread that section.

And some it will apply. We do want a life to succeed!  But the tests HAVE to be in there, and that does include the path that is suicide.

Ah, now I get it! Yes!  We want to grow, but for that we there have to be tests, dark hours, and so on, and that then implies even the, well, “dark” outcomes.

Yes, only they are not dark. They were planned as the path that ends at that moment. But then, remember every life is different. Every life is a total situation. So every suicide is different.  And thus has to be experienced with all weightings.

So yes, remember this: all possibilities exist and are taken. And there are tests, and that implies two or more outcomes, including the fatal ones. From our point of view, we want to experience it all. However, as we stated this morning, for the 3D life it greatly matters.

OK, I am seeing a system to this “madness” [laughing].

Good, now you are finally laughing at us for a change.

Yes!  So good… a lot was said.

But you see the point of just letting it flow! [Referring to the reaction this morning] And in a dialogue to ask questions. Editing it this morning was the 3D consciousness overwriting, instead of exploring, “flowing” in the dialogue.

Yes.  Let’s stop.  Until next time.  [ 6:15 PM ]

Added later:  The following later post sheds more light on this:  Some soul-configurations will not even perceive certain choices. So for one configuration, a choice for a suicide may exist, the other may not even register it, nor take it.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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