I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Summary: How to channel and talk to your Higher Self and receive Higher Guidance

How to  Channel and talk to your Higher Self and Receive Higher Guidance

This article summarizes various points worked out in a series of dialogues with my inner voices. 

In the headline, I called this inner voice the “Higher Self,” and that is alright as long as you do not see the Higher Self as a self-enclosed entity, some sacred kernel deep within you.  Instead, the Higher Self is comprised of many sub-strands, just as you and your soul are, woven together into the fabric that can be seen as an individual entity from another viewpoint. 

This is why personally I like and use the term "The Club" because it reminds me that this is a compound or community made up of soul-strands, and not a singular entity. 

It is also important to see the Higher Self, as well as an Oversoul, not as separate from you, but as an intricate part of you.  If you understand that last point, then talking “to your Higher Self” becomes simply in a way talking to yourself, of course, with some modifications as explained below.

If you are curious about the aspects of who or what you are talking to, read this.

I also use the term "channel" in the headline. I don't particularly like it because it is so overloaded; people right away think of fake psychics and trance mediums, but that is not what I am talking about here.  All this here is about staying completely aware and awake and just tuning in to deeper part of yourself, keenly listening to your thoughts and see if any of them feel a bit different, like they may originate somewhere else.

Anybody can do this, including you, and the amount of guidance that can be received is tremendous.

Mind to Mind communication: The Substratum of Though

One might call taking to your Higher Self or Higher Guidance “mind-to-mind communication.” In that way, your active 3D mind (that is, your everyday consciousness) is talking with its non-3D mind counterpart(s).  There is always communication between the two – that is what Higher Guidance IS. 

As a matter of fact, it is not two minds, but ONE mind.  However, we do not perceive it like that, we all think everyone of our thoughts and impulses are purely our own here in this 3D world.  In order to perceive this One-Mind again and consciously, your 3D mind has to be properly prepped, or tuned in, so that it can pick up on the entangled mind. This whole article will present who this can be done.  Before we get into the details, let's first understand what communication is, and particularly what's different when channel to the Higher Self or other spirits.

As explained, any communication involves these parts:

  1. the sender
  2. the message
  3. the encoding
  4. the medium  ( the element in which the message is physically transmitted)
  5. the receiver
  6. the context
  7. the function  (the goal of whoever sent the message)

When you want to talk to your Higher Self or Higher Guidance, or even “another spirit” like a deceased person, the one thing that stands out in that list above is the term "medium." In this case, what medium is really involved?  How can a message, say from a deceased person, be transmitted at all?  In what medium should and can it be transmitted? 

You might argue it's the brain, or the neurons of the brain, but to me, the brain is more the receiver and/or encoder and transmitter.  The message itself has to flow through something else.

As the Club called it, the information is exchanged in “the substratum of thought.” This is some layer below active thinking,  in which ALL information and thoughts are still enfolded, similar to the subconscious, or Jung’s collective unconscious.   Buddhists, too, have a notion they call substratum consciousness, or flow of consciousness, or “storehouse consciousness” in which all possible ideas and knowledge are stored.  The same here: the substratum of thought is where all information rests and  communications originates,  can be transmitted and received.

“The Club: Imagine all possible knowledge as being ‘there’ in some hidden order.  The task then is to bring certain parts of that knowledge for both us and you to perceive it.  […] So the task is, in OUR communication to make a common piece of knowledge light up, be triggered, so that it can jump to active awareness in your mind.  [… ] You tune in, so to speak, and just receive, just like you are now.  We then make certain things ‘light up’ in the substratum, tacitly available, which in your mind is turned into words, and you bring it out on paper right now. “

Start from the whole, set a beacon, an intention

When we initiate this communication, we first have to make “contact,” so to speak, with our Higher Self or Higher Guidance until a dialogue can flow.  The main point here is to not see your Higher Self as a different part of you, but really to see it as one whole.

In this dialogue, we talked about setting a beacon in the wholeness:

The Club: "So the beacon in its waveform means more ’to beckon’ a part of the whole to come out. To coax. Maybe that is a bad word.  You once had “conjure,” and that is better. ... It is related to focusing light until it becomes solid. ... It is really about beholding the great light of being, and focus on one of the parts in it, and bring that out.

... So you can see, it is really the reverse part.  It is not starting from some part, connecting with another part, some spirit, through a beacon, some signal.  No! It is starting with the whole. Being in it, the ‘light as a wave,’ basking in it, and then bringing a part with you, synchronized to each other, so that they are in phase.

... Basically, to still the mind’s chatter, to lower the brain-waves, to come down from everyday awareness, to stillness, to Being, experiencing pure Being, to simply be, in that moment, until even the moment falls away. Then you have the access to All.  If you can do that while still have a focus, and that is OK, because any gate of truth [see below] is a focus, an entry part through some focal point (art, koan, etc). It really just is synching the total being (lower case ‘b’) onto the focal point, to focus, yet loose yourself IN IT.  Thereby you merge, become one. You are standing in the whole AS that focal point.”

The above mentions the article on conjuring, which gives these insights about tuning in:

"To conjure has a meaning of to call upon the universal law, that is undivided Being, hold the Whole solemnly and clearly in mind, then focus on one it's parts (the focal point), thereby bringing that part into being until it solidifies (for you).
Stated alternatively:  Call upon the great warm Light within you (our inner Being, the Light in all of us),  imagine it shining clear and pure, behold it solemnly, then focus that pureness (the focal point), thereby bringing it into being until it solidifies.

It's sort of a little meditation. The key is to do both parts at once; you can't just focus on the end result.  You have to keep the beginning, the whole, in mind as well, and really see the whole flowing through you as you focus it. That is the flow and process of creation, working through you."

In another dialogue this was called 'dying to ones thought,' a term once coined by Krishnamurti: “By dying to one’s thoughts you become wholeness. Dying to one’s thoughts means to not engage with them anymore, to not judge them, to let them come up, just notice them and not engage with them. Of course, when we are talking now, you are registering the thought, but you just let it flow.  It is not an inner dialogue of conflict, but simply this flow, of the totality, … into these words, into this pen moving across the paper, dancing, painting characters and letters.  That IS the universal dance.”

It really is to tune into the whole situation or the Ground of Being:
The Club:  "But that ground, that is the mystery we are trying to get to,  that ground contains all, that ground is all, it is the whole.  And if you can somehow suspend this noticing for a bit, then you get access to the whole. 

… that is the key:  it is not just  ‘Oh, I just have to mediate and thereby get my inner space,’ no, it is setting up the TOTAL situation to be like this.  Of ‘feeling’ yourself into the situation where it is conductive to this, what we are doing.

… you still find yourself in a TOTAL situation, external and internal.  It is really finding the ground of that total situation, tapping into it, coming down from awareness, and then being reborn, moment to moment, in this changed situation, conductive to the ‘pregnantness’ of the potential.”


One way to help with this pre-tuning or setting an in-tension, indeed maybe another Gate of Truth (see below the next section), is wonderment.  It often helps me when I start a dialogue by posing a question that I would like to have an answer to.  This also sets an in-tension for the dialogue, another part of setting the right tension, an ever so slight steering.

One way to do this is to be in wonderment about that question.  Just to wonder, marvel, be amazed at the question.  Because this creates an opening inside of you in your mental inner space, an opening into which answers and insights can flow.  

It’s best to not have any preconceived notions here, as that will only harden you, and thereby just stay in absolute wonderment about something.

That is the trick, because it is very easy to start to doubt when nothing comes.  If you start to doubt, I list a technique below that may help.

Gates of Truth

The initial access point is to somehow still the mind and tune in correctly to this substratum.  A powerful first step for this are what the Club called “the Gates of Truth." The term was coined in a beautiful dialogue with my inner Robert Frost, poet extraordinaire.

As described here, The Club: "A gate of truth lowers the shield of perception, where it, you, become one again with the other, that which you noticed as a figure against a ground, gets lost again, you get lost in the other, and once again form a whole, the whole, the ground of all that is.”

And from the main article, The Club: "A gate of truth allows for a synthesis of inside and outside.  Because both are parts of the whole, the truth. And neither one is sufficient.  But the gate merges them. The two opposites contain a kernel of the other! And through the process of recognizing each other, and only thereby, merge into something ''whole.' "

When you truly become fully absorbed in such an activity, then you loose yourself.  Here are some examples of Gates of Truth; these all engage our senses, including thought, but not to separate, but to unite.

  • Looking at true Art.
  • Listening to music.
  • Grasping a deep mathematical concept.
  • Meditation – being in the now ( like the “eat a raisin”  exercise).
  • Yoga.
  • Poetry, literature.
  • Prayer
  • Pre-sleep
  • Dreaming (normal, and especially, lucent)
  • Mindfulness

Willingness and Activation energy

No matter if you use a gate of truth or another technique to start the process, it is really some sort of tuning in and becoming receptive.

But is a preconditions: you have to be willing and have a certain amount of energy for this to work.  For example, while it may work better in some sort of dreamlike state, you cannot be too tired or your mind cannot connect. 

If you do this while still in a sort of sleep like relaxed state, I noticed there is a difference between right before going to sleep and right after you wake up. Consciousness seems to have a direction at these moments, towards falling asleep or towards waking up.  And while I've had success in either case, sometimes before going to sleep I was just too tired and there was not enough energy.

As explained here, The Club: "It means there has to be some minimum of energy available to start the process. So if you are too tired, then obviously there may not be enough energy. It is to put yourself into the right level of awareness, where things can just start off and flow from there.  Not too much, either, or you will block it.
… It starts with intention, setting the direction. Then comes willingness, that is, if it is to ‘work’ to start gathering the energy to begin, to activate the process, and then when you found the energy, then let it explore, start the flow, and from there it just goes by itself.

Trust in the process, and how to overcome doubt

The biggest detrimental factor to this process is doubt: is this really not just me?  Why am I not receiving anything?  And so on.  The word "doubt" literally means to split apart.  Doubt splits.  It splits you away from who or whatever you are talking to, call it your Higher Self or Guidance.  Doubt is the killer of this sort of communication.  

So the remedy is to trust, to trust in yourself.  Trust builds the bridge.  Here is the thing:  whatever comes through, whatever insights you receive, including nothing, that’s the way it is.  Trust that way.

Now, if you are facing doubt, here is a way to overcome it (from "The Steps of Essence"):  Start by just being with this doubt.  Do not feed it thoughts, do not argue with it, do not argue against it, just still the mind and be with it.  And then, realize that this doubt is not only coming from YOU, but IS you.  So if you doubt, you split yourself apart.  Do not fight the doubt, but just realize this is you, and just hang out with it.  And then smile, smile at it, and smile at yourself.  Behold this doubt, behold yourself, lovingly.  Eventually you will find that the doubt will disappear.

After that, just trust that whatever comes through – whatever that may be.  Just let it flow, just play with it as it comes.  You can always nit pick it later with your conscious mind.  Right now, just let it flow.


Setting the tension and being AT-Tension

Once you are willing, you need to get the right tension in your inner space.

The Club: "You have to be very intuned.
Tuning. Another word.  To tune in. Like a fine instrument that has to be tuned. A radio has to be tuned.
And tuning is a way to get tension right. Not too tight, not too loose.
Tension. Tensor. Another word. When you get the tension right, then it just flows.
At-tension. That is the whole secret. Being able to put at-tension correc


If you want to attempt to talk to another spirit, say a deceased person, it is important to synchronize to that person's energy

The word “Synchronize” is from, Syn- “together” + khronos, Greek for “time, a lifetime, a season, a while.

The Club:  "So, 'synchronization' is to lead together in time. Because for us, as stated otherwise, time is very different.  So we, the Club, are always with you.  But other strands, like David, Heather, yes, they are connected to you, but not always in this moment.

If you wish to talk to them, you, and they, have to be willing, and find each other 'in time.' Not just 'in time,' but also in the variant’s specific timestream.  And that is not always so easy, this mutual locating. Thus, the process of synchronizing each other to meet up right now, here, then and there.  And that, really, is a fine tuning.

In that case, willingness is like sending out a beacon. Then a synchronization of energies. You may call this frequencies.  They have to get matched up. … That is the base-tuning we talked about earlier.   So each being has some sort of tuning, this is that ‘note’ it plays in the overall harmony of life.  And not just a tuning arising out of one variant lifetime, but all variant lives taken together.  Call it 'the probability cloud' of that life, or the tuning of the life, finally lived, completed.  So, you have to try to match the tuning, and possibly vice versa. If that can be done, then a connection can be made.”

To start the Flow of talking to your Higher Self: enjoy and explore,

Once you have the right AT-Tension, the dialogue with your Higher Self or Guidance can flow.  As a matter of fact, it has to flow: It must flow where it wants to.  If you hold any preconceived notions of how things should be, or how the answers should be, it will not work and it will block.

The access to this sort of flow is “exploring.”  Interestingly, the word itself is tied to "flow." ( to explore:   Ex + pluere:   to make to flow.  )

The Club:  “So picture flow. Flowing water. Water flows around obstacles but along a channel.  The channel gives it a direction, overall, but if it hits an obstacle it simply branches. It goes where it needs to go. So it is with this dialog. It needs to go where needs to go.

… And it helps to prime the pump. You must have a focus. But it can't be hard, it must stay playful, loose, otherwise it cannot flow. 

… So think about flow. Because flow is movement. It is not static, but alive, dynamic. Thought, too, must remain dynamic and subtle, bendable.

… And that is the key: to simply enjoy it. Then it can flow.   So what if you write something ‘strange’ and off topic.  It lets you stay lose, and light, and let’s you go exploring.
That is the whole spirit."

Sometimes during these dialogues, you may hit a block and things do not flow well. The dialogue stalls, or nothing is received. In that case, here is best to stay spontaneous while exploring.

The Club: “[if there is a block], then that's all it means. It can be because you have a preconceived notion that fights the flow. Or you are missing a step for us to build on. Either way, something blocks the flow. 

So what would water do if something is in its way, and blocks it? It flows around it! Instead of blocking, and not receiving anything, just let it flow, and move naturally, thereby, exploring, let it find its way naturally, spontaneously (look it up it: “Spontaneous,” from Latin “willing,” of one's free will.)

… And if you explore, let it flow, then your free will can go where it wants to.  Now, you still can set a focus, an intention…  Your focus, your in-tension, just sets a basic 'tension.' It is like tuning a string. And then you let the string play, playfully.  And let it flow.  Explore.  Let it go where it wants to, playfully. Being in the moment. Not abiding, because that is holding on.  But flow around obstacles, simply flow, with light tension, not too tight (!), but just there in the background, and new insights will come and flow.

… And then it will be fun and you will enjoy it.  None of that frustration stuff. That is a killer. It has to be enjoyable. Exploring has to be enjoyable. Look into the nooks and crannies, in joy, playfully, letting your free will go where it wants to. Listening to advise, every once in a while, from us.

… So be curious. Always.  Set a tension (lightly), then go explore, start the flow, and see where it, your free will, will lead you.  But never, ever, harden.
You must always trust yourself and let it flow, no matter the outcome.

Surfing the energy of Higher Guidance, slightly steering

You can have an intention of what you want to talk about, as long as you do not want to stifle the dialogue by having a preconceived notion.  

The best analog I found is that it is similar to surfing:  you can paddle out to a certain spot (for us, that is the intention), and then catch the wave, and ride the energy, the dialogue.  And just like a wave moves and has a certain energy that wants to go in a certain way, so does the dialogue moves.  But you can still direct the movement like a surfer directs his surfboard where he wants to go on that energy. To do that, you have to be in touch with the flow and stay with it.

The Club: “You let it flow. At best, you try to give it certain direction. Like you can channel water, channel the flow.  But there is a certain energy in this flow, and if you try to go upstream, as some will and have, then it becomes impossible or very hard. Just like a river already has a flow, an energy that it has, so does this.

You can direct the flow. Or 'surf' the flow, the wave. The idea of surfing is very good, because the wave has an energy that is directed, but the surfer has a freedom on top of this wave to move wherever he/she wants to, but it has to stay 'in the flow' of the overall system.

The same with you. You can surf the flow. But not against it.  You can paddle out against the flow with difficulties, if you are skilled and maybe situate yourself in the right spot to catch the energy. But then you catch the energy, that wave, and let it flow, 'through you' and just ride it. Just as right now, the words are just flowing out of you.

…So surf. Surf the energies, the flow. Don’t fight it. Be with it, feel it, slightly direct it, give the flow shape. ”

How you will receive communication and information from your Higher Self and Higher Guidance.

When you tap into the substratum of thought, and then receive some sort of communication from the Higher Self, what is that like?

The basic answer is: It is really just a thought in your mind -- but if you don't pay close attention, or are AT-Tension, you might dismiss it as coming from yourself. 

At times, it has a very distinct feeling of coming from somewhere/someone else, oftentimes it doesn’t.

Very often, I start a dialogue by asking The Club:  "Are you there?" And then nothing comes.  Then I know I am not ready yet, and I need to go deeper.  At some point an answer will come, like "Yes, we are here," and it feels slightly different from a regular thought, so I know I am ready.

As you speak with your Higher Self, the main thing to realize is that the Higher Self or Guidance can only speak through your mind, and wrap thoughts in words or sentences that are available to you, that you are able to form.  For example, unless you talk Sanskrit, you would not understand it, so why bother?   In my case, even though I speak both German and English, I almost always get English communication,  no matter who I try to speak to and their nationality.  This is because my normal way of thinking when communicating with The Club happens to be English.

At the same time, I can also only receive knowledge that I can recognize or express.  For example, my mind cannot fathom to receive a complicated mathematical formula.

The Club:  "We can only work with the ability of your mind, but you cannot expect, and neither do we, that we can talk to you in ANY language – and math is but a different language. You have some math, enough to understand.  And that is all you need.

… You don’t have to be the one [who does the formulas].  You just ‘have to be’ the bridge. [ implying it is a choice ]
… The process can trigger thoughts in you for which you have a basis.  You must have a trigger. You must have a previous though it [the process] can build on.  Yes, it can leap  [like a flash of insights ].  But it needs a ledge you can leap from.  So the process can build on that, but you can’t move too fast.”

Hearing a different tonal voice

There are nuances of how the information can be received.  At some other times, I pick up very distinct voices, for example when I concentrate on Heather I picked up her voice.  Likewise when I concentrate on a famous scientist, and I get a voice with a strong Swiss accent :).

As the club explained, The Club: "But specifically, the reason why you pick up a different voice, say with Heather, is because you knew her. As a distinct person.

With us, we are a “we” that is a part of you. So how are we supposed to sound? Like a choir ? Well, what is your normal voice then?  Your inner voice. Would it not also be the same? Because, you, we – it is always linked. So, to not hear a different voice, TONALLY, that is completely normal.

It is only when you concentrate on a different singular ‘entity,’ especially one that you know, like Heather, that this voice can come through as distinct. Because, again, as we have told you before, we can only work with what is inside of you.So, if you have that voice inside of you, we (or they or whatever) can speak through it, because it was their voice.

Having said that, there have been dialogues where I picked up a distinct voice from a person I did not know, at least personally.  For example, in my very first attempt, James Joyce came through.  I have only read some of his books, but never heard him talk. I only knew he was Irish, and he came through in a very distinct Irish accent.  There were other occasions where I picked up distinct voices of people that I had never heard talking before; in one case I could verify afterwards what the person sounded like, and it was somewhat similar.

Thought-Particles or Thought-bullets

At other times, the information just pops in my mind.  Everything is right there, and all I have to do is to wrap it in language.  I call this a thought-particle  (initially thought-bullet, but I have an aversion to having bullets in my brain).

Me: "It is like a “thought bullet” and that’s what I pick up and just write out as a sentence. Like you are always one step ahead in what I am writing."

The Club: “ … we communicate with you in the “substratum” of thought, in tacit thought and knowledge.  …In this way of interacting with us, the insight comes in a flash, and you have to be really attuned to this to pick up these flashes of information and /or knowledge.

… Only in the emptiness can the voice, the energy, fully unfold.  It is all in these 'thought bullets' we are sending, or the spirit is sending, it is all there, but it needs space, an emptiness into which it can unfold.

… Yes, what you called thought bullets is really just meaning.  The meaning is enfolded, and you unfold it in your context, the total situation.  But that situation includes us.  

… So the thought bullet, that is the meaning, is already there, ready to unfold, into the structure of language.   Now, again, since it is the total condition –the talking together—it can only unfold in the language and imagery that is available to you in your mind.  There may be deeper meaning, but you may not be able to ‘translate’ or ‘transcribe it.’

… So we could place the meaning in the thought bullet that maybe somebody else could interpret both as some mathematical formula or theorem, but with you that is not how you could do it. You know math, but [it is] not your normal way of thinking.”

Then the next day, The Club: “Remember, we need an empty space, receptive, in which we can place, locate, a thought –particle.  Take the notion of a wave and particle [as an analogy].  The wave aspect is then the substratum of thought, all tacit knowledge in a given situation.  It needs to be loose, not tense (tension) or a thought cannot come up undisturbed.  This wave then momentarily collapses into a given thought-particle.  And if your perception is attuned properly, you will recognize it …  And the particle then unfolds into language.  

… The time aspect is taken out of it. The gist, the essence, the idea is there at once, and then your mind has to wrap words around it to make it fit.  

Let’s back up. When you first talked to Heather after you had her celebration of life, her funeral, you did notice how sometimes the answer was there before the question was fully posed in words?  That’s the same idea. Your question also first is a thought-particle, which has to unravel into words.  But mind to mind communication really does not need that.  That’s why the answer was just there already, fully formed.  You see?  

And a thought already contains the seed of the next thought.  As the thought unfolds into words and language, it unfolds into the whole situation, the condition, ‘the talking together,’ and this then will contain the next thought as a seed, a thought-particle, to come up.  It is a very fluent process."

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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