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TCB: Connecting: Starting from the whole, focus, synchronize, and beckon a part into awareness

You Cannot Deconstruct Maya

6/7/2019 8:10 a.m.

Hanns(H):  I would like to go back to synchronization and beacons. Let me tune in.
[pause. OK.]

The Cub beyond Time and Space (TCB):  So state it.

H: Last night I was reading a book and it pointed out that for a signal it takes two parties:  the sender and the receiver.  It was a book about physics and philosophy, and what I just stated is really the difference between relativity and QM [quantum mechanics].  In relativity, it is often about signals, how fast light travels, and so on, but in QM it is about the wholeness between and observer and the observed, so the notion of signal, if not space, breaks down.

So, if I am to synchronize and send a beacon for some spirit, then how does that work, because if all is whole, the notion of signal makes no sense.

TCB: That is correct. And you think about the beacon from your end, that of separation.  Yesterday we said to shine a light out into being, but you took it to mean that somebody, some spirit, separate from you would see that light.  

But remember that light also is a wave. So we are back at wave and fields.  And yes, ha, surfing [laughing].  But that, too, is a metaphor, for surfing sees you separate from the energy, a being on top of it, whereas the meaning was really to be IN the flow, while slightly giving it form.

So the beacon in its waveform means more ’to beckon’ a part of the whole to come out. To coax. Maybe that is a bad word.  You once had “conjure,” and that is better.  Go read up on that again.

H: [reading that post] I just did.  It fits perfectly.  It is related to focusing light until it becomes solid.  So there are two conclusions in the article, and it is really about beholding the great light of being, and focus on one of the parts in it, and bring that out.

TCB:  Very good. So you can see, it is really the reverse part.  It is not starting from some part, connecting with another part, some spirit, through a beacon, some signal.

No! It is starting with the whole. Being in it, the “light as a wave,” basking in it, and then bringing a part with you, synchronized to each other, so that they are in phase.

H: I get it now.  But that is easily said, but how do you do that in practice?

TCB:  That you will have to learn. It is all about tuning, frequencies, but first you have to get lost, in Being, annealing yourself so that you CAN attune fresh.

H:  So we are talking about mediation?

TCB:  In a sense. Mediation is just a tool, a gate of truth. Really, any gate of truth will do, where you loose yourself and become one with the Greater, art, poetry,  a Koan, and so on.  You wrote about gates of truth, so you know in parts.  

Basically, to still the mind’s chatter, to lower the brain-waves, to come down from everyday awareness, to stillness, to Being, experiencing pure Being, to simply be, in that moment, until even the moment falls away.

Then you have the access to All.  If you can do that while still have a focus, and that is OK, because any gate of truth is a focus, an entry part through some focal point (art, koan, etc).

It really just is synching the total being [lower case ‘b’] onto the focal point, to focus, yet loose yourself IN IT.  Thereby you merge, become one. You are standing in the whole AS that focal point.   

That’s about as good as we can say it.

H: I think I understand.  Lose yourself in the whole while maintaining a slight focus within the whole.

TCB:  Yes, just a slight weighing of the whole.

H:  That sounds hard.

TCB:  Well, anything at first is hard.  But you have to go out and “try.” Learning by doing. We can only point you so far.

[Pause.  Sitting outside and just being.  Becoming lost in the moment.  Beautiful. ]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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