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TCB: On questioning and answering, and how déjà vu is a remembrance of how the here-and-now already is

In retrospect, I find this dialogue below remarkable, especially the déjà vu experience described therein.  If you read it, TCB is saying that this is a taste of how they (TCB)  experience time and space.  Because they have a perspective that is "beyond" our 3D/4D space-time, meaning their perspective is higher yet includes ours.  

Thus, for them, it is comparable to how we can look at a piece of paper from “outside if it.” Take this piece of writ-up here.   You can read it, but you can jump in and out of any sentence.  

A greater being (that is: I, or you, or we, as we are in All-D, call it "our higher self" or "oversoul") can do this with our 3D/4D space-time, with a life even, and just jump right into it.

So the experience of déjà vu, which they said they sent me to “get a flavor” of what it is like to be outside of time and space, would be just like what such a “jumping into the moment(time), the space, the choice” may feel like.  

And through déjà vu we get to experience this as well.  So déjà vu is a very strong and important Gate of Truth, one that can actually be experienced.

I find this most interesting, and I hope you may, too.

Monday, 5/20/2017 7:50 a.m.

Hanns (H: So, Club, I don't have any questions this morning.

The Club beyond Time and Space (TCB): If you don't have any questions, how are we supposed to have any? [laughing]

H: Ok. But you posed that as a question.

TCB: Aha, so why don't you see where it flows. So, questions. What really is a question?

H: Something to which you have no answer?

TCB: Well, no, a question is before that. Or rather, there is something before you pose a question, and try to get an answer.

H: Yes, I see now.

TCB: State it.

H: There has to be a noticing, some sort of “hole” in knowledge.

TCB: Either a “hole,” or something stands out to you, for which you do not have an answer.
A hole, too, is a figure, a negative space in a whole.
So, again, questioning presupposes a noticing: what is this?
That is the way you feel yourself into that noting.
The five question words. The 5 question words: what, why, when, where, how.*

*[English really has 9 such words, the five above plus Who, Whose, Whom, and Which.  One could argue that these additional four are but a flavor of ‘what,’ presupposing some distinction, such as ‘who’ presupposes a human vs. a thing, and ‘which’ presupposed a set or grouping of objects].

They express different axes [plural] of knowledge.
Time. Space. Causality. [Added later: and separation, that is, becoming aware of something other than "I"]

So that is how you explore them and answer a question, by looking at it from these angles. It goes a little bit into what Kant called the categories of thought. Your cognitive apparatus just works along those lines.

H: Then would not yours as well?

TCB: Not really. Where we are, we have a different view, so causality is much different here, and time and space.  It has all a much different “feeling.”  These question words, cognitive processes, are all unique to 3-D existence, and linear thought, of trying to make sense of the world.

They are all like operators in math, or the grid you lay upon the world (geometry), through which you can understand the world of separation. It's a way to see connections between things, or events, etc. Because things or events are already separations out of the whole.
You see?

H: Yes, the whole is perceived as separated, and we see things and events.

TCB:  And [you] try to see causal connections, between them.

H:  So earlier there was a word that jumped out at me. Let me check.
[pause, checking]
 I can't find it.

TCG:  “Examine.”  It was “examine.” It had popped “into your mind.” [Laughing, as if to imply they put it here.] . Now look it up. ....

[ Examine: from Latin ‘exigere,’ meaning ‘to lead or drive out.’  Ultimately from ex- (out) + agree:  “do, perform”, and thus linked to our word ACT.  
That was an important word in my book ‘the Steps of Essence,’ which talked about ACT psychology and the authentic ACT, so now I am getting really curious. ]

H : The interesting thing is that to examine is related to doing, actively acting upon something.

TCB:  That's right. If you examine something, you are active in the process of questioning, looking at that thing that stands out, that was driven out, and making it go away [through the process of answering ].

H: It just had a sense of déjà vu when I wrote this.  Did I already write this? In another post?*
TCB:  Well you can verify this now with your search function. [I know sarcasm when I hear it.]

*[ That was REALLY STRANGE, it really stood out as an experience.  As I type this up now, I clearly remember being struck by déjà vu really hard, like I had written that exact sentence before, sitting in that spot.  As I state further below, when I reread the sentence there is nothing familiar about it, but it was that moment AS A WHOLE that felt like I lived it before.  
TCB’s comment on “… search function:” I had just installed the search functionality on the website the day before.  As I type this up now, I use it to check that sentence, and of course, I had not written it beforehand.  TCB knew that, and was being sarcastic. ]

TCB:   But note this, what you just experienced was different than just a simple remembrance.
We sent that to you.
It was, as if you are in the same moment again.
It is a little taste of how we perceive reality, when we project ourselves to you.

Because, remember, all time/space/variants exist already, and consciousness through its choices gets to experience all of this.

So we, you ARE or have been ( a temporal distinction based on 3D only) simultaneously in all of this. So your déjà vu is just a remembrance of that fact, [of] a greater you that has been, or is, in all of this.

H: Interesting. So my greater ‘self,’ forgive the word, has all the answers?

TCB:  No! If we did, we would not have to go through this life that you are in.
Let's just say, we have more answers

H: It's funny. I just re read that sentence and it is just a sentence now [see commentary above].  But I felt déjà vu so clearly.

TCB: Remembrance, Hanns. That's what it is. Maybe you once had a precognition, but the point is, all this here and now already is. So that is why we can jump in and out. YOU [my emphasis here] have to experience it, though, through living.

H: Ok. I think I'm good for today.

TCB: Not bad for not having any questions [laughing].

H: I guess, there are always questions.

TCB: As soon of somebody's stands out.
Anything stands out.
Let's stop.

H: Ok. Bye now.

TCB:  We are always here.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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