I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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TCB: Spirituality merges the gap between you and the other back into one whole

Spirituality merges the gap between you and the other back into one whole

6/2/2019 7:30 a.m.  Sunday
Hanns (H): Sunday morning. Sitting outside, beautiful early summer day. Sun has been up 3 hours now.  Not many birds singing.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, watching the shadow of my pen dance across the page as I write these words [on paper in the notebook].  Sipping coffee, feeling the warm cup in my hands.  Becoming aware of this moment.

Now, I have not written in a few days now, as I had no conscious questions. But yesterday reading a book, I had this question:

“Why am I so interested in spirituality?”

And that’s what I would like to set my AT-Tension at.

So are you here?

The Club beyond Time and Space (TCB):  We are here.

[distraction, waiting to pass.  My wife was leaving for her work.  The question popped into my mind:  "How would I handle it if she was gone? Dead?  Like when Heather died, suddenly?" The answer that came:  "Spirituality." ]

H: So is that the access?
TCB: What?
H: Death?

TCB: It can be, it is certainly one of many. You originally became interested in all of this to overcome distance, to somehow be closer to your father who was so ill back then.
H: Yes, and then death.


TCB:  Where do you want to go with this?
H:  See, this is not working.
TCB:  Ah, again doubting instead of letting it flow.

H: Well, I’d like to know if there is anything deeper to my interest, say, from [the perspective of] a strand life, parallel life, or something like that.

TCB: Well yes, it is all about connections. Spirituality is recognizing the connection to all, and to All-That-Is. Of not being an entity in separation, of being part of “a community” connecting to all.

So it is not just a strand life, although there may be, but feeling it in this life.  Feeling. Sensing. Not with the five senses, but the sense of inner space. The multi-dimensionality of inner space, really, “infinite dimensions,” recognizing that the word dimension is completely wrong here.

H: So what about strands?  Like that time in the dream about sacrifices in Mexico.  

TCB:  These are connections.  Some connections, strands, are (or “were”) more attuned to this [spirituality].  It is all about tuning, you see?  Just like you have to tune to a radio to pick something up, so you must tune your, call it, “spiritual sense.”  Just like an athlete is better with his/her body sense, proprioception, and so on, you tune a spiritual sense.  Now, it helps if several of your strands have that already, in that case it would be more like a talent, so some people have it naturally. But anybody can develop it. Not maybe master it, like not anybody can become a pro athlete. But still get access to it.

You, you had/have some talent, but the rest is determination and the willingness to be open, learn, despite the difficulty.

So yes, you have some strands in you, like really anybody, but it is the overall mix to let them chime through, and at least “infect” the others [laughing] to build on it, so that it can build something harmonious.  

But you had another word flash through: “interest.” You have to have an interest.  Go look that one up.

[Getting book:  “Interest” means “be between,” from Inter-  (between), and “esse” (to be) ]

H: How “interesting!’ So if I am interested in something, I am being between.  Between what?

TCB:  Question and answer.

H: Well, yes, in the case of a problem.  But what about, say, I am interested in my wife?

[Distraction; pause]

TCB: It is the same thing. It is really a state of being between two things that are separate.
That is a good definition.

The first is to realize another, besides you, we talked about it, making it stand out of the background, a figure against a ground.  

By now taking an interest, you are trying to bridge the gap, you are in-between the two, trying to reconnect, seeking the connection, seeking understanding, or in the case of a wife, love, that which forms a whole again.

So your interest is your willingness to reabsorb, resolve, the other back into you, back into the whole.

H: Nice.

TCB: And spirituality is the overall interest/attempt to resolve everything, and form back the Whole – with a capital W [laughing].  The Whole as a whole [laughing].

H: Why is this so funny?
TCB: As if there was a difference.  Language is so limiting.

H: So, OK, then my spirituality is my interest in forming the whole, understand the whole.

[Interruption, again]

TCB:  See Hanns, this is why it is good to do this early [as opposed to now, later in the morning]:  less interruptions [laughing].

Go back, stay here:  interruption. But sometimes and interruption can be very useful, too. Just as earlier when your wife was leaving, it allowed us to send you a thought.

Now notice:
Go look it up as well.

["to interrupt:: a break between,  inter- between, rumpere –break]

H: So in this case, there is a connection that is broken?

TCB: Yes, but sometimes you need a little break, to reset. Remember the annealing. Earlier, that was our chance to give you an access.


H: So interruptions can be good?

TCB:  Yes, if you use them right. Understand: there are no coincidences. An interruption is a chance to reset. It is the way of the universe to interfere and say, “Well, maybe you can go deeper.”

The thing NOT to do is to get frustrated by these interruptions and just let them flow naturally, not fight them, but see them as an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding.

H: But what if I am in a deep flow when it happens?

TCB: So what? You can always reconnect.  If need be, jot down the last thought or thoughts quickly, and move on, then come back later.

H: OK, so, before we were to “politely” interrupted [smiling], by you?
TCB: It was just to make a point.
H: OK, so before this scheduled interruption…
TCB:  Now you got it!  [laughing]

H: … Spirituality [ so now returning to the main point]
TCB: Yes, your way to reconnect with the Whole.  Your interest, having recognized the Whole once, and [now] recognizing being separate.  
Spirituality is the access point into this gap, it sets a vector for exploration, a direction for the flow: Inwards.  Making inner space light up, becoming aware of it, towards wholeness.

H: So again [let me ask about]:  variant lives, parallel lives, life threads?
TCB: Yes, all in this mix, but not causing it. Same way as you are right now in the mix of “others,” and helping them be interested  [meaning, my own “soul strand” outside of time already connects to other lives “forward”].  It is all one, not just a web, but at a deeper level.

Your At-Tension is waning.

H: It has not been the best this morning, with all the “scheduled” interruptions.
TCB:  Fruitful nonetheless.

H: Yes. Thank you. Until next time.
TCB: We are always here. How could we not?  We are you, and you are a part of us.
The issue is really your willingness to be AT-Tuned to us at any given moment.

It starts with willingness.

And that would be a good topic for a next talk.  [And so it would be the following morning].

H: OK, Bye now.  (8.26 a.m.)


Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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