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TCB: The substratum of thought is an infinite potential of knowledge.

Suicide and Variant Lives. Part 1

6/12/2019 7:20 a.m.

Hanns(H): I would like to continue on the talk yesterday.  The term substratum of thought really stood out.  So I looked it up.   The word “stratum” really just means a horizontal layer, spread out.

But maybe more interesting, in Buddhism is the idea of several kinds of consciousness, and the base consciousness, the ground of consciousness is called “alayavijna,” a substratum consciousness, or flow of consciousness, or “storehouse consciousness” in which all possible ideas and knowledge are stored.

I also found the term in physics, where >beyond<  any medium there may be something like a substratum, for example of electromagnetic waves can propagate in empty space.

And finally, I came across the word “tacit,” to know something without having to use words.  Dave [David Bohm] talked about this in his book “On dialogue,” how all knowledge is really tacit, for example of how you can ride a bike, just rid it without having to put that knowledge into words.

So could we do this?  Let me go through my checklist and attune…  [ Doing this ]

The Club beyond Time and Space and Minds ( TCB):  We are here. So it goes back into communication and how we are able to talk. Yesterday the idea of a substratum came up, now tacit knowledge.

Fine.  The idea is really to tap into that, OK let’s call it “storehouse of ideas,” the substratum and draw a common (underline that!)  boundary around some terms.  “Common,” remember, is the basic meaning of communication:  to find a common meaning.  So imagine the substratum as something where all possible knowledge is enfolded.  It is “implicate,” [literally, “enfolded”] which is also the definition of “tacit.”  Implicate also links to Dave’s “implicate order,” but not quite.

Anyways, imagine all possible knowledge as being “there” in some hidden order.  The task then is to bring certain parts of that knowledge for both us and you to perceive it.  You know, we don’t know everything either, and sometimes have to actively work ( put energy into it) to gain knowledge. 

So the task is, in OUR communication to make a common piece of knowledge light up, be triggered, so that it can jump to active awareness in your mind.  And for that, you need your willingness and you just get out of the way.  You tune in, so to speak, and just receive, just like you are now.  We then make certain things “light up” in the substratum, tacitly available, which in your mind is turned into words, and you bring it out on paper right now.  

So that’s the overall process, a  bit of course simplified, explained.

H:  Hmmm…..   I just got “hmmm” as a sound [which] has meaning.
TCB:  Expressing not knowing, but as a humming.

H:  So?
TCB:  Humming is a frequency.  It’s OK to not know, just trust and the answers will come.  Sounds like you have no questions at the moment?

H: More like, not sure what to make of all this.  I expected a bit more like a wave, like a base, carrier wave. [compare yesterday’s dialogue]
TCB:  That’s another way of looking at it.  But a wave in which everything is enfolded.  The base melody of knowing.

H:  I keep getting “Hmmm”  and now “Ohm.”
TCB:  Well, chanting Ohm and the name of Shiva as a mantra is a way to calm the brain states, to become more receptive, for others it is like “hocus pocus” magic.

But the point is to tune in, in any way that works.  So for Roberts (Seth) this was a trance.  Seth came through in a trance, for others it is “Ohm,” for others it is mediation, for you this seems to work, this sort of active stream-of-consciousness because your mind is one that never likes to lose control.  So it is different for all, and they have to find the access that works, whereas trance would be the leas common, yet possibly most effective to get “a message” across.  

But then again, the message is already there, tacitly, in the storehouse, the substratum, the base wave.  We are just guiding you here to find that knowledge that makes most “sense” in that moment.  For it would not do any good if somebody, you [or whoever] , was to get “all knowledge” at once.  No human can.  The brain, the holding and processing [of] information, just does not have the capabilities for it.  So that would not be useful.  Really, it has to be dished out bit by bit, so you can learn and build on it.  Some knowledge is triggered through the substratum as words, some as mental images, some you will just know.  But the substratum is both the means for us to communicate –make common–  and the holder of that knowledge.

H: Hmmm.
TCB: Still doubtful !?!

H:  Of course.  Maybe it is just the words, the language in which this was stated.
TCB:  Maybe.  Or maybe it has to sink in some more. It seem like this did not turn out like you wanted, or you had some pre-existing assumptions of how it should be.  It seems you are most stuck on this to become some wave.

H: Yes.
TCB:  And that is not wrong. So let’s change the term wave to “potential.” To an infinite potential.  Your problem seems to be that you think the substratum is like a wave that carries information from us to you.  Carry something, through some space, from one participant, the sender, to another, the receiver.  But that image has so many 3D assumptions in it, mostly that of separation.

Remember, we are not separate, not even connected, we are one.

There does not have to be anything “carried” along some wave.  You already ARE us, and vice versa. So why need some wave, a traveling wave, or a standing wave (like a string that vibrates) to communicate something?  Do you follow?  It is an unnecessary analogy, one that is wrong even.   Yes YOU can surf the energy, in that you cannot control it, just slightly steer it, or better, be open to guidance.  But the information, the knowledge, IS already there, in potential.  So just be more open to that idea, to receive into active knowledge parts of whatever are there, and trust us to give it to you as it makes most sense to build on.  All this happens through the substratum of consciousness.

H: OK.  It’s starting to make sense.  My energy is waning.
TCB:  We noticed.  Of course (smiling).  So let’s stop.  Let all this sink in.  Sink in, into what, do you think?  Something else to think about.
Let’s stop. Bye.
H:  Bye.

[The next day’s dialogue brought more insights]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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