I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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The Club

On enlightenment and the role of the ego

Often in these posts you will see me use the term “The Club,” and I want to briefly explain who or what that is.

In short, it’s the name I have given to my inner voices, or alternatively, my Higher Guidance or Higher Self (and I will say some more about what that is is below).  Some might even call this a form of soft channeling, “soft” because it is done consciously, or talking to spirits.  I have already written a detailed article about who or what I may be talking to, which delves into all the metaphysical issues, so if you are interested in that sort of thing I will refer you to that post.

In this post, however, I just want to give some background as to how the name “The Club” came to be.

As described before, one of the first times I picked up a distinct voice was shortly after the murder of my stepdaughter, when I received a message from her, or so I believe I did.  After that moment, I started paying attention more keenly to my inner voices.

On 3/11/2019 I then was in a very relaxed state of mind and received some insights, and asked this voice what I should call them?  

Me: So how should I call you?
Answer: You pick a term.
Me: How about Fred?  Or ‘my Freds?.’  

“We” all liked that.  I picked that name because it reminded me of how I met my good friend Fred back in college. We got assigned as lab partners, and not knowing who he was I asked him on the phone how we should meet up, and he said “Oh I’ll just stand by the door and look like a Fred.” As if there was nothing special about him, completely unassuming, yet he is one of the most brilliant persons I know. My Freds are also like that, too:  they are just like me, nothing vastly special about them, in that anybody can do this sort of dialogue with their own “Higher Self.”  Subsequently I used the term “The Freds” for a short while and you may see me using that name in some very early posts after that date.

That is, until 4/13/2019 when this came up up:

Me:  So who’s there?
Answer:   The Club [ said in a funny sense ]
Me: What club?   [curious, startled, bemused ]
Answer:  You know there was the movie “The dead poet’s society.” We are the “dead philosopher/physicist society.”  [ said smilingly.  As a note: I have no idea where that came from, I had seen that movie, oh, maybe 20 years ago]

And that's how the name "The Club" came about and it just stuck; I have been using it ever since.

In subsequent talks, I expanded on that name and called them “The Club beyond Time and Space,”  or even “The Club beyond Time and Space and Lives.”  I even gave it a short name, TCB (The Club Beyond), and you will see various articles that use this moniker.

But it never quite felt right. For once, it felt fabricated because it had not come from my inner voices but I had made it up myself.  And I struggled with the term “beyond,” because it implies a separation, and the whole point is that “The Club” and me are intimately connected, that I am them and they are me, just like “a Higher Self” is part of you.   And it is not really like they are beyond time and space, but encompass or contain time and space, similar to how a higher dimension contains all lower ones.

I subsequently had an inner talk with The Club about the name.  For once, they said,  I choose “The Club beyond Space and Time” or TCB more for advertorial reasons than anything else of substance.   And secondly, they said, it all comes from my own need to have a “linguistic handle” for them.  

Of course they were right, and thus I went back to the original name they had suggested themselves:  The Club.

I also like that name for another reason that I should explain. Earlier I said that The Club is really like the Higher Self.  But that term “Higher Self” typically has some preconceived notions build in. One of them is that we somehow imagine such a Higher Self as a distinct entity, some kernel of truth, within us that represents who we are in our essence.  But as I already described in “The Steps of Essence,” the self is really woven through our experience with family and life events, and we really make our self through the process of living.

And now that notion is expanded to the level of the soul as well.  The Higher Self is not a distinct entity within us, but itself made up of other soul strands and traits that feed into it, and likewise our Higher Self or soul or whatever you want to call it, feeds into other such structures as well.

As such, the term “The Club” fits very well, because it does not imply a finished entity in and off itself, but something that has “members” that form this Club.  The Club is really my Higher Self, but as the name implies, it is not a singular finished thing, but a woven fabric, and out of this fabric I arise, and likewise, I am the weaver of this fabric adding to it. We are the makers of our lives.

And that's how “The Club” came to be.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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