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The Cosmic CBT Radio

An inner dialogues works like an old style CB radio, and if we throw in some CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) to emphasize the right parts, it becomes “The cosmic CBT radio”

2/10/2020  5:30PM

[…] On a different note, this is the warmest day here in February I can remember.  Birds are already chirping and flowers are budding.  Spring comes early – or global warming.

Let’s play.

Are you there?  […]  I really enjoyed the metaphor of the drop of water, local AND global reflections at the same time.

The Club: Universal! Not just global.

So great job on that metaphor.

It was yours as much as ours.

I am coaxing you out, aren’t I?  [laughing]

More like making yourself receptive.

Ah, good topic.  The analogy of the radio receiver being immersed in a field of waves. [ I had this insight a few days ago: …]

That seems like a good analogy. So, whenever we do this [inner dialogue], am I not a receiver inside a field, or fields, of thought particles [or waves, as particles are also waves]?  Aren’t all of them here, already, and I just pick (or choose) what I want to receive? [...]

Correct: the radio receiver deals with temporal waves, electromagnetic signals sent out by a transmitter, which propagates through time and space.  That IS the idea behind a radio, or an old style television antenna system, to pick up a time based signal.

Of course, you still have to tune to the right frequency of the signal, to pick up the temporal signal.

Right. However, what we are doing here is more like an old CB radio.  You know, like the truckers used to use before satellite and digital communication.
Everything in a given range tuned to the frequency could be both transmitter and receiver. Meaning, there was no pre-given program, but an unfolding dialogue.

I get that part.  But in our model, all things already exist, so then also this dialogue, and the words I am copying down right now.

Correct, so it is a bit of a mixture.  You are set to a “frequency,” wrong word but you understand, and receive and send.  However, at any moment you surf the alternatives, and thereby the dialogue unfolds in your time-stream, your variant self.

For example, how well you are able to tune in. Another variant will do better, another worse, and a different dialogue unfolds for them.  
Yet, they all are, as do we, talking into the same CB radio. “The cosmic CB radio.”

And that “frequency” as you call it, only will work for you.

So the earlier point was, I am constantly surrounded by radio waves, there are TV signals, radio signals, zooming all around me, and I am not tuned in, meaning my radio is off, so I will not perceive them.  Yet, they ARE HERE.  So the same with this dialogue.

The dialogue(s), note we made it plural, are always here for your taking – guidance is always available, if you tune in.


At different times in your life, you will pick up, or “generate,” a certain dialogue which already existed in the cosmic hologram, or superposition.  It is all right there, and again, becomes available to you through choice, to be receptive.
The way then a given dialogue unfolds is by way of the choices during the dialogue – you called this surfing before, a slight steering like a surfer on a board.

Yes, so the problem is the tuning-in part, becoming receptive, getting rid of all the static until it can flow.

Exercise makes perfect, they say.

I was looking for more of a hint as to how to do this.

Remember when the birds drew you in?  “Get out of your mind,” that is the secret, and just listen to what comes through.

Oh, I like that a lot. I just taught my son, an aspiring basketball player, to get rid of any negative self-talk during a game.

Same here. Can you  apply your own medicine to yourself, doctor?

If it does not work, then de-emphasize the negative.  Say something like, “that’s not like me;” and when it works, praise the hell out of me/it.

Well, don’t make it Heaven and Hell, laughing.  But you get the idea. So after this is done, praise yourself.  Always emphasize good results, and de-emphasize the “bad ones.”

Right:  Good old CBT [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy] applied to this: The Cosmic CB Radio.

[As I write this, I just noticed the similarity between "CB" and "CBT," so I am naming this “the Cosmic CBT Radio"].

So, having said that –  [want to talk about] soul-groups?  

No, not going there until you “do your homework.” *[I was supposed to do a write-up first.]

Ha (laughing), I deserved that.

Nobody “deserves” anything.


What does that mean, nobody “deserves” anything?

It implies a certain action causes another, or even worse, the traditional Karma:  you do some thing and another is to follow; you deserved that, had it coming.

But in the structure of variant lives, there is always another outcome.  Now, yes, some probabilities are stacked, so certain things will happen more frequently among the branches.  But none is “deserved,” you see?  It implies something like pre-determinism [or destiny, none is what is happening].

OK, I got this. We are always our own chooser, so to speak, and can change what or how we are.

More like, all paths are taken.

[ … It then goes into a discussion on the many-world-interpretation and the problem of probabilities, but that may be for some other day … ]

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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