I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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The Filters through which we see Reality

Time is holographic

9/17/2019  5 P.M.

Just sitting outside, such a beautiful late summer day.  I re-read some of the notes on time, how seeing unconnected events may have been ripples that link after all. “Temporal action at a distance.” Smiling. Not sure if anything will come through today, just sitting here, writing.  Club, are you there?

[Pause, looking into the distant hills; I am wearing my sunglasses because of the bright sun ]

The Club:  Take off your sunglasses!  [Said very distinctly as an order.]

Why? [somewhat surprised]

To see unfiltered. The glasses are a filter through which you see reality.

OK, a common metaphor, that we see reality through colored glasses.

In this case, you were literally.  Now put them on, and take them off [to see the difference.]  Try!

OK, I see the effect.  Where do you want to go with this?

[Disturbing noise next door.  Thinking of the word “filter.” What really is a “filter”? ]

Interlude: Too much noise, I am moving to the back of the house.  Grab a Corona with a lime on the way, too nice an evening to not be wasting in Margaritaville :)  

As I sit down, a big gust of wind comes up, and flips the pages of both my notebook and the  etymology-book until I stop them both with my hand.   Where it ended up in both cases were sections dealing with “filter."  I thought it was an interesting synchronicity.  “Conincidence?” Ha, the lime my corona smiles back at me in the sunshine.

In the notebook, I ended up with this paragraph from a few days ago:   “Correct, there is an isolated part of reality appearing AS IF cut off from the rest.  Plus you were the observer looking at it. It is exactly the same as an experimental setup that frames a part of reality, and will only reveal that part of reality” – in other words, to filter reality, as determined by the experimental setup. It fits!

In the other book the pages got flipped and stopped one page short of the page of where it said “filter”!  “To filter” stems from the word “felt,” as in the type of cloth called “felt,” which at one time was used to remove imperfections out of a liquid.

 OK, so much for the etymology and such.  Again, where do you want to go with this? 

The Club: We are here.  Don’t you see?  Everything is a filter, at least at the level of human cognition.

Sure, we had this before when we talked about sieving reality, using a sieve that let’s only certain parts through.

And a filter is a very fine sieve.  A filter is even more so, its purpose is to keep impurities out.  So some parts are seen as desirable, some parts are not.  Do you see?

Right.  Filtered water.  Or my sunglasses, they have a polarizing filter, to keep the glare down.

Exactly.  So who or what determines what is desirable?

OK, this sounds like a huge dialogue, I am not sure if I am ready to go that deep.  

When it flows, it flows…

Okay then… Who?  What?
[Said with a bit of reluctance. OK, I admit it, I was not really up for a deep discussion that evening, and the rest of the dialogue does reflect this.]

Clearly some [filters] are genetic, just a the way a human is build.  A bat, for example, can hear much better, they have a kind of sonar.

OK, I get it: the senses that come with the the apparatus do filter. OK.

Then your society and upbringing…

Check, the “everyone” we grow up with [a term I used in “The Steps of Essence” for society’s shaping force, as expressed by Heidegger’s “das Man,” or Freud’s “superego.”]

You will have to explain that to some of your readers. (chuckle)

Yeah, I could make some joke now, but OK.  Now I am ready to find out where this will go…
And I am hearing “spiritual heritage” [as a source for filtering] as well, my soul strands and so on…

We detect a certain sense of indifference today – to put it lightly ( laughing ).

You are a good detector.

Well, a detector is also a certain filter in that it is set to a certain sort of event, and has a threshold, etc. So look that  up.

[ de-tect, original meaning is to un-cover ].

To uncover what is hidden.

But that is subtly different:  A filter has a very defining intention behind it:  to filter realty against some criterion – you wrote about this [criterion, in the Steps of Essence]. To detect is possibly more investigative, to detect the reason for something to happen.

Possibly, it does not have to be. Still not sure where this is supposed to go.

OK, so you have this pre-setup that you are – genetic, society, and spiritual –  that is tuned to filter reality a certain way  [later on, adding "personal history" as well].
But you sense, you know, the rabbit hole goes deeper than that, so you try to detect (uncover) what your filters prevent you from seeing. 
So you setup experiments, but all they can reveal is another slice that is hidden through your natural filters. These experiments, and theories, and models, use technology, which is an extension of your filtering system. Using technology to look deeper or higher, at atoms, galaxies, and you build up models based on it all.  And each model, if proven, expands your insight about reality.  Yet it is still only a mental expression.

Still don’t know where you are going with this.

And now, nothing is coming…
I sense it goes into futility [ as in all these models are ultimately futile].

Well there is more to it, but you are not very receptive today. So you should meditate, or whatever you call it, you should mull about “filters” and filtering, and the system that filters and the system that determines along what criterion to filter.

[Slight pause]

Maybe the question is “how to undo your filter?”

Not a bad way to think about it. Why don’t you go with that for now.

OK, thank you.

[ As I drink a bit more of my beer, I remember the saying from my college days “He has his beer goggles on,” another kind of filter.  Cheers!]

This did in fact kick off a couple of days of inquiry into the process of filtering, and some insights were received.  A followup session two days later expanded on this nicely.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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