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The Gates of Truth, synthesis, setting up a thesis while remaining playful

5/6/2019 7:50 a.m.

Sitting outside. The sun is up. Clear skies. Birds singing. So beautiful. Just like Monet’s picture, I just stood before it and really looked at it. It drew me in. [After I wrote about Monet and the picture of the Poppyfield, we went to Paris and visited the Museum d’Orsay.  I bought a print of that image and it is now hanging at home.]

The Club (beyond Space and Time): Gates of truth.

Oh, so “gates of truth.”   I wanted to talk about something different.  But this (“Gates of truth”) keeps popping in my mind.   ["Gates of Truth" is from my dialogue with my inner Robert Frost, who called it "the gates to the truth."]

State your insight from before.

OK, I thought that it was a gate to an inner truth.  But when I stood in front of Monet’s panting, I noticed that it drew me in. Just like real Art does.  It created a connection between the inner and the outer. [drifting, re-concentrating]  Where the outer flowed in, but was not regarded as separate, but inner and outer merged.

Yes, That is the TRUTH: the merging of inner and outer. 
Do you see that?

Of course, I do.

It creates a synthesis.  Look that up. Now!

[I looked up “synthesis:”  1) The combination of separate elements to form a coherent whole. 2) Philosophy: Hegel’s dialectic, combination of thesis and antithesis, where a higher new and higher level is produced. 3) Origin: from Greek, “to put together.”  Sun/syn + tithemal, to put, to place. From IE *dhi, to set, put.
This root also produced “thesis:” … 3) A hypothetical proposition, especially put forth without proof.   4) A first stage in Hegel’s dialectic 5) Music … (note to myself: look up a thesis in music) ]

I can see it now.  Wait! Go slow, too much coming at once.
So, I had Hegel’s dialectic in the back of my mind when we said synthesis.

Exactly!  So, back to gates of truth.  The gate allows for a synthesis of inside and outside.  Because both are parts of the whole, the truth. And neither one is sufficient.  But the gate merges them.
The part about the dialectic here is crucial. Because the two opposites contain a kernel of the other! And through the process of recognizing each other, and only thereby, merge into something whole.

Yes, exactly.

So in the gate of truth – think, why don’t you review some [gates of truth], only some.

OK. [I wrote down the following:]

  • Looking at true Art.
  • Listening to music.
  • Grasping a deep mathematical concept.
  • Meditation – being in the now ( like the “eat a raisin”  exercise).
  • Yoga.
  • Poetry, literature.
  • [added later that day]  Prayer
  • [added 7/4/2019] Pre-sleep
  • [added 7/4/2019] Dreaming (normal, and especially, lucent)
  • [added 7/6/2019] Mindfulness

It all engages our senses, including thought, but not to separate, but to unite.

Exactly, there is your definition. And that is also the access to us.

Beautiful! [saying it out loud]

Yes. Because when you really see yourself in the other a deep connection is made!
So when you look at the image of Monet, you see yourself in the art. And the art is in you.
When you look and be with the dawn, the dawn is in you and you are in the dawn.
When you really listen to some music, like “Beautiful dawn,” the music is in you and you in the music.
Same with math, yoga, making love!  Isn’t that one [making love] one as well? Really being with your partner? Not sex, but love !?  Merging, uniting?

Yes, I keep telling my wife, but… [ laughing, both me and TC ]

OK, so by merging, you pull yourself in, and it pulls yourself in. Creating a whole.
And then, we can come through so much easier. No doubting – splitting you apart.

Are we ready for the next insight we gave you a few minutes ago? Repeat!
[See above, when I asked them to slow down]  

Oh yes.  It all came at once.  I actually wanted to talk to you why I felt to blue yesterday.  Because I can’t solve that mathematical problem.  And I think, people will ridicule this process.

Aha!  That is at the very core. The insight, you got, when you read “thesis” and Hegel’s dialectic. [see above]


What you are doing is to set up a thesis. All theses are, let’s call them,  strange and “out there”  at first.  And then there is a dialogue which will either prove or disprove it.  Or better, advance it. The thesis changes through a good dialogue.  

You, however, are always trying to jump to the end.
You must have patience.
You know you don’t have all the pieces yet.
And we are trying to work with you.

Just see your current result as only the current result, on which we can build.
Build. Because that’s what we are doing:  building knowledge.  Just as in German it is “Bildung” [education] (that was a side thought).

[lost it briefly, re-reading ]

The particular problem you are working on IS very difficult. Nobody has ever solved it.  So how can you assume, you can just jump to a conclusion and that is it?

I thought that’s what you are for.  [laughting – all sides ]

So funny, Hanns.  [still laughing]  We told you many times, if we just tell you, you will not understand.  Because you are still lacking background. But you are working hard – hard— on getting that background.
Too hard! Because then, you harden in your thinking.

But this IS the glass-bead-game.  Different gates of truth must be opened. And it has to be playful.  If you lose that playfulness, you will lose the fun.  Just as a child is playful, that is the attitude that is needed. 

If you harden, it becomes frustrating, and then there is doubt. Through playfulness, it remains soft, supple, thought can flow. We can flow. So you must remain playful.
And insight will come.

So today, play with the universe.  Yes. Everyday.  Also with your work.  Make it playful, if you can. 
And Joy will follow. En-Joy:  To be in joy.

Damn!  Can I say that?

You can say anything you want [laughing].  After all, you are in Europe [laughing].

[Smiling]  So interesting. Last night I had written down a couple of points [ to talk about this morning].  And somehow the article here found it’s way to both.
There was a third one.

Yes, but that one will take longer.  This is a good space to stop.

Yes.  Thank you.  Today was very helpful.

You’re welcome.
Remember:  Gates of truth.  Relax. Be playful.
Even if that means taking a day or more off.
That’s the whole secret.  [thinking.....]
You wrote about annealing.  That is enough for now.  Go eat something.

Yes. Bye!

Notes:  This is the first time I call my inner voices "The Club (beyond Space and Time)."  The name seems to fit, at least for me, although "beyond"  is not quite correct; they are intimately here with us, yet have a higher viewpoint.  Maybe I will change it again, but for now that should be the name to use

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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