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The Pulse of Being

Getting Answers: Inner Voices, Inner Dialogue, Inner Guidance.

The pulse of Being: A universal process of unfolding/enfolding, particle/wave, Yin/Yang, thoughts merging with the subconscious, collective, and universal consciousness, thereby bringing the universe into being, in every moment, fluently, changed.

5/26/2019, Sunday, 7:26 a.m.

I took a few days off from writing posts as I felt I had no current questions. Last night then I had an ongoing dream, and feel like a new topic was given to me.  I can’t remember all the details, but it was all about knowledge and questioning. So it was an extension of what I had been writing, but it went into new territory, or at least territory that I was aware of but had not made explicit.

It is about, how shall I call it, the universal movement. How we go back and forth between a thought or knowledge that stands out, piercing – and then re-enfolding that into a more general background knowledge, global knowledge.  And this, in the dream(s), then extended to several other themes, which is why I can call it universal.

The Club (beyond Time and Space): State them.

So you are here?

Who do you think put that dream in your head?

I had a feeling. Because most of it was already available, but it was so persistent, like a dream theme all night.  

Exactly.  Sometimes that is what it takes.

OK, so let me state this principle, which I had mentioned in other places.  I will leave some space so that I can add to it.

occurant background
particle wave
tighten/contraction relax/expansion**
individual community
text context
Yin/Yang Wu Chi (see below)
thought subconsious
collective consiousness
global/universal conscious


Shiva Pavarti/Shakti*
unfolded enfolded**
figure ground**
signal noise**
order chaos (implicate order)**
(perceived) entity/essence composite**

*[Shiva/Pavarti is worth an article of its own]   **[Added later]

So those are a few items that came to mind. So, let me set my AT-Tension, and let’s explore, see where it flows.

You are not ready yet.


You have an expectation on where this should go. A preconceived notion of where this should go. As if we have all the answers ready for you. Yes, we gave you the dream, and you already worked out much from it. 
In the dream, we also gave you a word that it all started with, the whole play on it all.

I think it was in German, maybe I dreamed in German? [typically I don’t, but living here it's such a mixture of languages]

Well, if you can’t remember, how are we to remember?  Dreams a fickle thing. They are really a very good example of the whole process here, because they happen right at the cusp of awareness. So they do bring up themes, occurants, out of the enfolded. So unless you make a conscious effort to remember the details, they will disappear, like smoke disappears.

You might say, they are smoke signals.  But smoke signals are signals. They indicate, for example, a direction, or a message. They are just fluent.

And that is the process: fluent.  Every present flows, out of the enfolded, into occurant, and then back re-enfolding, thereby changing the enfolded, too.

A constant process of change.

But what changes?  One of the things we learned is that this reality is set, and all we do is to choose along different alternate realities.

Correct. So what changes is the interpretation of your All-D part(s). What changes is the learning, knowledge part. The knowing. And out of this comes the choice. And through this, the next “iteration,” put that in quotes, will come forth. So it is all about knowledge and understanding.

That was the word in the dream: understanding?

Yes, one of the words. In the dream we talked about two types of understanding.  Let’s call it local understanding. This is where a thought is occurant, pointed, stands out, and actively is being worked on and with.  This thought is the local understanding.

As it becomes processed, for lack of a better word, it enfolds back into the deeper understanding.  Of what? At first your subconscious, then your All-D understanding, and then, through layers, many layers, it ripples up to universal understanding.

You see?

Yes. And thereby it changes the different layers of understanding.

Well, eventually yes. But mostly, you work in the first layer, of local understanding, “local consciousness,” and 3D <-> All-D consciousness.

So to clarify, the first layer is thought -> subconscious, and the second one would be subconscious -> All-D consciousness?

Close enough. However, it is ONE (underline that!) consciousness, and this concept of layers does not really exist quite like that, it is only to make it understandable for you.

OK.  So another thing I got was the importance of, or linking to, Hegel’s dialectic, and the Yin-Yang.

OK, yes, so each element contains in it the other.  That is rally the key why this works. Just like in the dialectic, each “opposite” contains a kernel of the other, and thereby they could be united and elevated.  Now, let’s ignore the elevated part for a second.

So a thought comes only out of a context, and thus holds that whole context implicitly in it. And the context, naturally, holds that thought, for it came out of it.  But the thought then can change the context, elevate it, and thus the next thought can come up.  See that?


Now, the Yin-Yang is interesting, but a bit different, it stands out from all the opposites [in the list above].

Yes, I got that clearly. Let me explain it. So most people only see the two shapes, call them “good vs. bad,” and “light vs dark” and so on.  There are the “opposites,” or better polarities. But what most people don’t see is that the shape of the Yin-Yang sits itself in a context, the space all around it.  I think the Chinese called this the “Wu Chi,” the great fog out of which all pairs of opposites come."   So the opposite comes out of it, and re-merges back into it.

Exactly, and that is another key that we will have to work out. So, it’s just not a simple unfolding, but a dual one.

So, let’s say, it is “your” choice. When you make a choice, then extend it into an action or though, at that time there is also the other side of the choice, actually it could be infinitely other choices, not made. Only, it is made, in another alternate reality, another variant life. We talked about this before.

So, at the time reality, choice, thought, unfolds again, it unfolds into all possible options. 
And thereby all possible universes are born in this moment.
Think about that for a moment, and let it all sink in, the immensity of that statement.

[pause]  And they are all connected, really one, because in the implicate order, as Bohm called it, it is all enfolded together, so they all influence each other.


Excuse your language [laughing], but yes, damn.

[ I am looking at the grass for a few moments, letting this sink in. With the morning sun shimmering off the morning dew, it seems to pulsate visually. ]

Yes, pulsate!  The universal heartbeat.  We had talked about it [as well other posts not yet published ].  So you are wondering, what to call this, and you had “the universal process” [or universal movement].  All that is OK.  But you just had another one; state it!

The Pulse of Being.

Do you like that?

Yes. It sort of implies a process.

Yes, as long as you understand, there is not one (underline those!) heartbeat, or pulse, but one for each layer, and really infinitely many such heartbeats even within one layer, such as with all 3D beings (lower case “b”).  But it’s the same process, repeated, at each “scale:” unfolding, enfolding -> change -> unfolding (changed) and so on. The universe is quite simple and elegant if you can see it.

And beautiful.

Smiling, well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but yes, we would agree (how could we not, because we are you, and at least you are a part of us).

OK, that turned out be a good dialogue.

All this was given to you in the dream. You had this all within you already, and you had written about it in parts. But the dream made it explicit. Now, you did forget some details, but the overall gist came out fine. Think about some more pairs [of opposites], and fill them into the table from before, so that you refer to it over again.  Let’s stop here.  Your attention is drifting.

Yes. Thank you.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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