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The Scales of Well-Being : Interwoven Soul-Threads form Energy Templates that guide the Body and Health

How the notion of “the body is a temple” quite literally is linked to interwoven soul threads that form a matrix to guide our body and health, which must be kept in balance through physical or mental adjustments.

5/16/2020 4:50 PM

I just wrote up the previous dialogue from this morning, and want to go back to the word “template”, which is related to the word “temple.”

Thus, we got that “our body is a temple,” but also the idea of an “energy template” that guides the shape of our body and health.

But I looked deeper, and the real connection of “template” is to weaving, i.e. the weaver’s tool that stretches the loom, and thus the weave to hold its shape while it is being woven, which in English is also called a temple!

Thus, “temple” was originally an area marked (by stretching a rope around it) for divination, and that is how we normally use the word.
But here we have a “temple” used in weaving, to help the weave maintain its form.

And when I wrote it up, I saw the connection right away, which I missed this morning.

Are you there?

The Club: Slow down.  You already had the insight. You don’t need to worry about forgetting.  Let’s just proceed. Tune in some more.

[…tuning in...]

So “your body is a temple, “ now in the connection to weaving!

Right, the context has changed, smiling.

Correct, and here is that word: con-text, for our word “text” is also related to weaving, as is “texture” and “textile,” all originally meaning “weaving.”


And that was the underlying idea in [my first book] “The Steps of Essence,” that our lives have a “textural” quality, like a story, a text, and if we can identify strong story-threads in that weave, we can authentically author our lives:  identify threads that limit us, and deconstruct those to give our lives more play; and strengthen the threads that matter.

So here, today, we have the idea of the soul being a composite entity, made up of soul-threads, that is, past lives or personas [not necessarily “OUR own”], traits, and so on, that weave together to form our current soul and lives.

Same idea: an interweaving. Only we take it metaphorically, as it is now based on waves, soul-waves, All-D waves, that add or interfere to form who we are.

Smiling. Yes, and now, here is “template,” that which helps you stretch all this into a given form or function.

More concretely, the 3D aspect of it all.  As a template in weaving holds the weave, the textile, in its square shape as it gets created.

Smiling.  Go on, seems like you don’t need us at all today?

Well, it all came together in a thought particle, which I unravel now.

Ah, a tangled weave, laughing.

Yes, you smug one.

OK, so let’s back up.
All this came to you in the context of health, of wholeness.  And the question was, is there a sort of energy template that “holds the body together” as a healthy unit?

And then you discovered the connection between template, and temple, but also to weaving.

So, first, yes, there is such a template.

It is related to the whole soul “threads” [soul waves] and all, superimposing itself on a “body template,” the prototypical physical human body.*

*[Added later: this is an interesting new concept. The individual aspect of the soul-pattern (soul-print or soul-waves) are overlaid or superposed on top of a generic human pattern, to form the actual person that we are, both individual and generic].

This is interface where 3D and All-D come together.

Remember, it is all a sort of wave interference space.

Now, don’t block this and doubt it already [ Guilty as charged, I admit to having my doubts! ].

All these waves interfere to create a matrix for your body.

You need to get away from the idea that this matrix IS surrounding you in 3D, like an aura [added: possibly also an "astral body"].  That is a different thing.  We are talking a much more abstract wave-space here, but there IS a mapping between that and what you call your body.

And there is an optimal space of form to this, an optimal human health state.

As you go through life, obviously you deviate from this state. Actually, you start to create blocks, that break the connection, and the matrix [you are currently in] decoheres as a new balance is formed between the optimal state and all the “negative” influences, fully understanding the wrong connotation of that word (it is a value assignment).

But this optimal state keeps existing, it is in the past and in the future as a possibility ( within limits, such as because of aging).

The task, as we said in the previous dialogue, is to re-balance your being again with that state.
And then you got sick, and we could not continue, smiling.

Yes, and I do wonder about that, why I got sick (nauseated) just as we talked about health.  I could speculate about this.

And make it more complex than it is.

Look, again, [it's just] a balance.

You changed your morning routine, drank green tea instead of your normal coffee on an empty stomach, plus, yes, maybe we had something to do with it, to stop the dialogue as it went too far in a different direction.
All this is possible.

The point, though, is: the total situation balanced itself into you feeling sick.
You see?

Yes. I see how it balanced again.
So how do I “unbalance” it from sickness to health again?

Well, how could you?  You have to “tip the scales,” so to speak.

All things being the same, where do you have power in this?

Think of the “scales of well-being,” as having at least two sides, the physical and the mental.

Of course, in reality, there are a lot more dimensions to this, but you can only imagine a two sided scale or “balance.”

So, if the physical weighs [too strongly], you have to either lessen something on the physical [side], or counter with the mental.*

*[As I write this, it came to me that “lessen the physical weight” could for example mean to make life-style changes, or medication, that brings your being again into balance with the energy template.  This would indicate why mediation does work: it moves your being back over towards that optimal template state. ].

Right. What came to mind, though, is that we then add to the TOTAL weight that is on the scale.

Unless we can somehow convert from the physical INTO the mental somehow.
Something along E=mc2, only for the mental and physical.

And that goes into the notion of energy flow, inflow and outflow. [Note how E stands for Energy].

As we say this, in that formula E=mc2,  c2 is a constant, so if mass increases on one side, energy increases as well [or vice versa].*

*[Which is precisely the point of that formula, and why it differs from the classical formula for energy, in which velocity is a variable, and energy can change because either a change in mass OR speed.  Here, the speed part is constant, and only the mass can change.]

Again, interesting stuff, but you are not here yet, don’t have any building blocks yet for it.

You are expressing basically how I feel about it now. [That whole notion of energy healing being somewhat surreal and new to me.]

Well, we have to build towards it, build a bridge from what you have.

OK, enough then.  This was a good add-on to this morning’s talk.  Thank you.

More to come.

5:30 PM

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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