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The Self is an Aggregate or “Compound Entity” formed out of Soul-Waves and All-D-Waves

How the seemingly enduring self is really an aggregate or “compound entity” (similar to Buddhist skandhas and anatman), created through the interplay or interference of soul-waves and All-D waves, in order to experience All-That-Is.

4/21/2020 7:45 a.m.

Sunny, but very windy and cool; sitting outside.

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So I have some topics lined up.  My question is about soul-strands, consciousness and the Buddhist notion of “skandhas” or the five aggregates.  The Buddhists believe that selfhood is not an entity ("no-self" or anatman), like we tend to believe in the West, but made up these five aggregates:

[I looked it up:  ]

  • Form (material image) – rupa
  • Sensation (or feelings, as received from form: pleasant or unpleasant) – vedana
  • Perceptions (mental processes that recognize and label)-- samjna
  • Mental activity or mental formations (volitions, choosing, desire, tendencies) - samskara
  • Consciousness (awareness of an object) – vijnana

And the word “aggregate” literally means “bring together in a sum or mass (or flock)”
From ad+ gregrare (“to collect into a flock”, “gather”), from PIE *ger – to gather.

(Perplexed) I find this idea fascinating. Not only is to aggregate “to gather together,” but gather together into a flock!  Remember, I used to write the crowd simulators for several big movies, and that was all about flocking behavior – how individual birds (or whatever entities) form a whole new unit that acts as one, in behavior.

And that is the idea of the skandhas, different aspects coming together and acting as one.

Well, but I find the similarity to the notion of a soul being a “compound entity” striking!  A soul being made up of many different soul-strands, or “soul waves,” each itself being a composite, and so on.

It certainly goes into a similar direction.  The skandhas being only a vehicle for “anatman,” the Buddhist notion of “no-self,” that there is no enduring soul entity.

OK, so my real question is, how do we have a sensation of selfhood, which persists, albeit changed, from moment to moment?

Well, one key here is, as you say, to recognize that selfhood does change.  The self you are today, is not the same self you were as a young child, a young man, etc.  There are many similarities, but each moment changes this self, so that at all the next moments it is similar but different.

Hmm, identical yet particular.

And “changed.” So what did we say about change?  All that can be, already is.  So the notion of this self IS already in the All-That-Is, as different combinations.  

Every version, in time, of that self is already there.
Every variant [parallel life] of that self is already there.

But not the experience of being that self.  That happens in the process of living, and is the purpose of it.

So let’s back up, I feel so many contradictions coming up…
For once, what is the relationship between my self and my brain?  Is it not also a function of my brain?
And the experience, is this not a function of my body and my brain?
So would it not be in all this as well?

Smiling… so many mixed notions here.

We already said, the brain is only a sort of processing unit, or a local cache, of it all.  It does not hold all that you are, which includes us, here in the All-D. 

So, you said that what we do in these dialogues is to talk “through your subconscious.” For where does it [your subconscious] end?  Only in the gray matter of brain?  Or beyond?  In that sense, the brain is a local processor, or antenna, communicating with something larger.

Fine.  So the next one is experience.  We also had this, that experience is to bring the total situation that you are INTO the point of this moment.  You called it similar to a mathematical derivative, [sigh!] fine, we leave it at that techno babble.  

So the experience is all-that-is, for you, truly expressed right now.  
And it is fleeting, just as the present moment.

What is “recorded” then in this situation (which from another view is already there) is the memory of the experience.  You see, that “memory” is already there in the All-That-Is, all already there.  But not the experience itself.

So many directions I could take this here…

… and all are taken by your variants (smiling).

OK, but the point [of this dialogue] was about a seemingly enduring self that goes through life, and possibly “after life” if I can say that.  

How does the idea of a self endure? I have a feeling, you don’t know.

Or you block it with your anxiety. Just stay in the flow.

Look, in your brain, you would say all mental formations are there because of neural activity.  That – from a brain perspective – would then include the notion of the self.  It would include some sort of memory, and an organization of that memory and so on, into some "selfhood."

But what is neural activity?  A network of firing [neurons].  So we will compare this to wave interference. Brain researches talk about brain waves, and so on, as well.  But as we said, matter, too, in its wave nature deals with interference and additions.

And we can build up structures, very complex structures, by overlaying waves, such as sound waves, or visuals, or even holograms, very complex overlaid waves. We even had the celestial waves of the universe, with base waves and so on, and we had soul waves, all very complex formations.

Now again, the notion of wave is a somewhat metaphor, as it is only a special temporal construct, so what do you use outside of time and space?  Well, we said, it is as good a metaphor as any.

However, notice that All-D includes 3D, so whatever is in 3D is also in All-D.  [It is]  just ALL space and time. [meaning, a higher dimensional All-D "being" could see all space and all time at once].

So here now is, let’s call it for a lack of better names, an All-D wave.*

But the point is, that all these states that already exist, are All-D wave forms.  The All-That-Is is ALL the waves, as you once called it, in the net of Indra, or the cosmic hologram, the universal wave function, etc.

And these “membranes” are drawn to isolate out this moment, space, and consciousness, and self.  The progression from this self in any moment to the next is by adding a bit more to that membrane, i.e. “a new” memory, which already exists [in the All-that-Is, that’s why “new” is in quotes], of the lived experience.

And here you see it already:  The experience, without the process of, let’s call it “living,” is just that, some memory.  
But the memory of something is far less intense that an [actual] experience.

*[Technical note for me: In QM the space for the wave-function is not 3D or 4D, but it the phase-space (momentum and position), or even a high-dimensinal Hilbert Space.  I always wondered if the Hilbert Space would not be a model for All-D. But as the next sentence states, I did not want to go down that direction in this talk.]

OK, again, I could go there, but try to stay focused on “the self.”  So the self is this wave-form structure that already exists in the all-that-is.

And that you, based on the alternatives seen by this self, or compound entity, or “flock of soul strands”…
… let’s start up again:  that you choose yourself through the choice-space as discovered/ uncovered / unfolded by you.

So we have something new then:  All-D waves?  Which then are not just made up of THIS space and time, but of all those combinations.

It certainly goes in a good direction.  You won’t really be able to understand it with your 3D point of view.

But just as humans try to understand, for example, a 4D space, this is not that unsimilar. Only “a lot more space.” The overall tenet* has always been, the notion of dimensions is very skewed

From your quantum mechanics, you know of the problem of the “the preferred basis,” and this is a bit like it:  how to set an origin or measurement system within or around All-That-Is.  3D, “Your 3D” brings just one of infinitely possibly organizations.**

*[As I type this, in my handwritten note I had “tenant,” but that is obviously a misspelling.  Looking up the root of the word “tenant,” it stems from a root meaning to stretch, as we still have in tendon, for example.  So a tenet reminds me of the tuning of a string, it has been stretched to have a certain sound, a certain vibration, a certain waveform.]

*[ The implication is, that each consciousness, such as my self (or that of any atom, etc.) is such a frame of reference within All-That-Is, through which I regard All-That-Is from “my” point of view.  And so with all other points of selfhood in the universe.  Yet, really, it is All-that-Is looking at itself, through my point of view.]

[short pause]

Just trying to let the immensity of that statement sink in.

Yes, “immense” would be one word for it.

So, the self, or the soul, is then an All-D-waveform, in some way of organization, that can choose, based on “it’s current” state the next version of itself.

Welllll….  Again, hard for you to understand in your 3D framing, but it certainly is a good analogy, if so at best as you could do.  Maybe more will come, but it shall suffice.

OK, seems that is as far as I can pull it today. Let’s top.

OK, enjoy your day.


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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