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The Shared Now and the Isolated Now

How the sounds of the celestial spheres sings the universe into being, forming base harmonics.

Thursday 8/29/2019 8:50 a.m.

So picking up on last evening’s conversation, I stayed in the inquiry about simultaneous time – or rather that the now is not synchronized (“the loss of the simultaneous now”).  

And I pulled up THE source itself, Einstein’s own book on relativity (which apparently I owned since 1996). So yes, in special relativity there is no synchronous now between divergent frames of references anymore, only if they are synced, that is at rest or moving together.

And then at night, right before falling asleep, I got another insight. It goes to the heart of yesterday’s session; I felt that what could be said was not said clearly, and then I got a flash of insight.

It centers around this sentence (which I knew from Pascal, but apparently others have used as well in the context of describing God):

“It is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.”

So based on this sentence the insight was this:

Time, Events are asynchronous AND synchronous, if seen from different viewpoints.

So, Club, are you there?  So many distractions this morning [ sitting outside, hearing neighbors chatting and working, rain drops now falling]

The Club: Yes, seems all just random stuff, asynchronously happening, yes ?  (laughing).

Yes. So can we talk about this?

You already had the insight.  Why don’t you state it as you saw it last night!

OK.  So let’s take this sentence above, the sphere, which some used it in the context of God. I always liked it because it expresses the experience of oneness I was once part of so well, call it the net of Indra, that this ground of being, this oneness, is in all enfolded entities, at once.

Well, then you have it.

Right, so yesterday’s insight was this, and I now copy exactly what I wrote down last night:

“So seen from oneness, this “one” is in every reference frame as unfolded. 
Seen from oneness, because it is EVERY frame, it is synchronized.
Seen from the individual frame, it is all asynchronous.”

So there it is, it all depends how you look at it.

Correct, and that has been one of the overall insights, or approaches, that from one viewpoint it looks like that,  from another like this, yet it is really both.  Come to think of it, that Is not unlike Einstein’s relativity as well (smiling).

OK, so cosmic relativity?

We smile.

You jokers, you.  OK, so back to this.  The point here was hinted already yesterday, which I thought was just one of those little fun dialogues, in this sentence:

‘Enfolded space and time as well, so this is beyond space and time. So space and time only come out as part of the unfolding.  At that point, the enfolded, “the one”, manifests itself in the myriad of elements across the universe.  And time comes to be “locally” a now in each frame of reference.’

But at the time I felt, there was more here, and we did not pursue it enough.

And what did we say? “Stay in wonderment,” and it will come of its own.  And that is exactly what happened: you worked it out. Now, you could say, “Oh, you the Club sent me this insight,” but you got this as part of your own learning and inquiring.  And remember, there is nothing to be sent, all thoughts already exist, your choosing just maneuvered you to that point where that insight was there for you. So really, it was through your own free will and choosing.

Fine, we stray off topic.

What’s off topic?  Remember, whatever comes (through), comes. That IS what it is.  But OK, let’s get back onto “the topic.”

So you really had this,  this is the core: seen from the view of oneness, there is a total situation…  Let's start over:

In what you call the universal hologram, or net of Indra, this oneness, all things, events, time, matter, variants exist, not only this, everything contains all else and vice versa like in a hologram. You had that before.

Now, form that angle, it is outside of space and time, or vice versa in all space and time and variants, all at once.  

Then a membrane “gets drawn” around some collection that represents a total situation.  Again, All-That-Is (the hologram) is all these parts at once. As it unfolds, matter, time space gets born.  “You” as the individual, and reality as “this” moment manifests, in all its myriad shapes and reference frames.  

Yet, seen from oneness, it is all “at once.” So from oneness’ point of view, this is all synchronous.  This is the universal heartbeat, as written in the original dialogue, “the base beat.”

And now, as part of this unfolding, each functional consciousness and its matter come about:  from galaxies to planets, to humans (you), to cells, to atoms, to sub-atomic parts and so on.  And each one has its own experience and it is asynchronous. 

Not only asynchronous in that “a moment” lasts longer for a human than, say, an electron. But also, that at this level of unfoldment, just as Einstein showed in his special relativity, there is no longer a synchronous now. At short distances, it may seem like it is all one now – all life on earth for example [seemingly share one now].  And that is why you, as a 3D human being that only has had this experience expects it to be like that – wrongly.   But at galactic distance and great speeds, all this becomes more like it really is:  there is no more common now.  

It all depends on the local frame of reference.  Each, and we mean each, such frame has its own now.  In one of your science books this was called a “now-bubble,” and that is a good phrase.  Each such now is localized, and it contains all possibilities for this level (of matter and consciousness).

So every “entity,” such as an atom, a cell, a human being, has its own now-bubble.  And,  just as special relativity shows, these are all not synchronizable with other such bubbles.  Times passes differently for all of them.  Your now is different than some now in the Andromeda star system.

So, to summarize

Seen from oneness, it is all one moment – everywhere and every time.
Seen from the unfolded, it is all just here and now in a given frame of reference, which all are asynchronous to each other.

Again, only at small distances, say “earth” (yes, we smile because to you this is large), does it align enough to appear like one shared moment.

Wow, that was a quite a summary.

Yes, but now we/you could do it, because it was all just there for you, you basically had accepted the premise, and we just brought it out.

OK, I think I/you stated that clearly now.

A point to proceed from. There will be more.

Then let’s stop. Thanks

Until next time.

9:25 a.m.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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