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The Sounds of the Celestial Spheres, Harmonics, and singing the Universe into Being

How the sounds of the celestial spheres sings the universe into being, forming base harmonics.

Easter Sunday, 4/21/2019 6 a.m.

As I sit here now and just wrote this wonderful inner dialogue (on Easter), which was all about becoming conscious, fully aware, I ask you, Club, are you there?


The Club:  Yes, we are.  What you did was very useful. It helps to give us a voice, to draw you inside. [becoming mindful, see previous article]


So, you have anything to say about Easter, or the sounds of the spheres, or… *

*[ In this session I use the term "sound of the spheres," but the actual term was “Music of the Spheres,” an idea by Pythagoras of how celestial bodies create wondersome sounds, the sound of the universe.  There is actually some evidence for this, here is an article by Newsweek about the hum of the earth.  .  ]


Stop right there.  Because that image is useful:  the sounds of the spheres, or rather “the sphere.”  Celestial ( look it up). *  Celestial music.  As TGU said, "the universe is being sung into existence."**  And as you found out for yourself yesterday, and then found this article*** to confirm it there are certain harmonics, or base frequencies tied to the prime numbers – a universal law that is found in mathematics but also, wait for it, in CREATION.  ( Look up that word creation again, you wrote about it, it is tied to seeing connections and combining.  All these words are in there )****   For so far, you had that concept of churning.

[*Celestrial: origin unknown, one source states it stems from *kaid-slo meaning "bright, clear."  That sense of pureness will come up again below.
**On Frank DeMarco’s blog,   this metaphor resonates with me strongly.

*** Ray Tomes:  Harmonics of the universe
**** see "The Steps of Essence:"  To create really meant to grow.  Being creative is to see connections, thereby growing. ]

[Startled, a bird just flew in and sits down on a flower pot next to me.  The air is filled with the symphony of bird sounds, how fitting when talking about creation....    Refocusing...]

Go back to churning. That is a movement, so to speak, in time.  The great serpent of time, in the Hindu legend of churning.  But that is only ONE sense of proprioception (explain that later) * [The implication here was that churning is a felt movement. By what?  I am not sure, but that is what I got.]

Now, with the “sound of the sphere(s)” we get into another sense  of both hearing and seeing.  Because both are using frequencies, that of soundwaves and lightwaves.  [meaning: our senses convert those waves into tangible sensations for us ]

And as the universe is churned, we get an unfolding. First there is one, then two, three….  You always had that: you saw that the Tao said it.*
It is becoming. Now... but as it becomes, in terms of frequencies and “the UNIVERSE IS SUNG INTO BEING,” there are these base frequencies coming out.  They are pure.* They are not mixed.

[ *Proprioception is how we feel our bodies moving.  It is really an inner sense of space, of where our limbs and so on are within space. 
** Lao Zhu,Tao De Ching #42, “The Dao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three;  Three produced All things.”
*** Cross link above, a possible meaning of "celestial" was "clear,"  and here is "pure." ]

So you have “something” like 1, then 2, then 3, 5, 7, 11 etc. as far as pure waves. [“something’ implied this is not all there is to it.]  It is like the strings on a guitar, the universe tuning itself into their base strings – pure harmonics. Only there are infinite such strings. Just like the primes [prime numbers] -- it cannot be proven that there are infinite of them, but there has to be, you see, if you really understand infinity. It never ends. Infinite.

So in that step, starting from oneness, the first and only true harmonic, all other harmonics arise.  Just like the primes:  only divisible by ONE and themselves.

And that forms the frequency basis of the universe [the unfolding space]. And then, all other sounds, frequencies, and such can arise, by becoming mixed of these base harmonics.  As with numbers, for example, 4 is 2*2, 6 is 2*3...  2022 is whatever, not a prime but a mixture [of primes].

The same with all other frequencies. Only, the mixture is different moment to moment.

That is the iterative process of time, both synchronous, the “1-beat” [see below], and asynchronous, the mixture, which takes up all the previous leads form the last moments. So time iterates itself, from the first [previous] moment into the next and for all probable realities as given by the choices.  

Or, as you now know [as a metaphor]: by the superposition of “Schrödinger’s cat.” You like cats, right?  All this is superimposed in the wholeness [of matter, consciousness, and possible realities] until consciousness is churned out as well having made its choice(s). 


And that part I don’t understand yet.


Because you are working yourself towards it. As we always said: what good is it if we are to tell you?  You would not get it.  So you have to work yourself into it.

But let’s go back to the sound of the sphere(s).  You see, first there is only one sphere.  As it starts to unfold itself, that is the iteration of time, using it’s own “heartbeat,” the 1-beat [as in a beat in music, the base rhythm], then the universe comes into being. T
he “one-beat,” as we told you or you understood, becomes the Plank Time  [smallest possible unit of time we could imagine] and it is tied to the speed of light, thus the speed of light comes into being.
And then the other sphere’s arise, the harmonics.  Infinite sphere’s already.  And so on…

And these combine into “All-That-Is” unfolded, into this moment, into this configuration of matter and consiousness-es – different for every [local] consciousness and variant of that consciousness,  creating not just one reality, but infinitely many.  Yet, not just ANY infinitely many, but only those that are possible based on the previous moment.

Of course, you see, in the great wholeness, all these moments, all possible realities, are there, already there, a “connection” [or order] so subtle that is cannot be discerned.

Do you understand?


Yes, so beautiful.

And if you could only “hear” the sound, the divine music, of the spheres. For that is all there is:  these divine spheres (frequencies) singing the universe into being. Singing. Laughing. Dancing (you remember The Wu Li Masters? ) [Garry Zukav: “The dancing Wu Li masters.”]

And that’s what you are: a sphere of consciousness as it unfolds itself locally [along with all matter]. And it goes on and on, down to your cells, down to atoms, down to sub-atomic  particles…  all spheres:  singing “frequencies.” Do you see it?


All spheres, churned form the big sphere [Oneness].  Becoming smaller. UNTIL it wraps around. And the smallest “sphere” becomes one again with the whole. Enfolding again, to bring about the next moment.  You had that in your concept the other day of the Net of Indra [also the later posts on hologram].

Beautiful beyond measure.

Are you all clear [on this]?

Wow. What a wonderful Easter present [today is Easter Sunday, early morning].

Life! [meaning, the present is really life, not this understanding.  As I type this in now, I see the double meaning of "the present."]

I stop now. The sun is almost up. The birds are now awake and are chirping less.

This is your access.  The Mediation earlier, to become fully aware, with all your senses.  It both calms you and elevates your consciousness.  A perfect state to receive [insights].  And the birds help you, because their sound forms a net of frequencies, of wave interference, in your brain. [The implication here is that this process is beneficial to put me in a sort of altered state, where I can easier communicate with whatever is speaking, like my subconscious. ]


Let’s leave it at that.

Thank you. Tomorrow?

Maybe. It depends on you.  We are always here.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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