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The weights are everything: The Awareness-Operator is Continually Modulated by the very Memory it creates

Our awareness-operator is continually modulated by the very memory and mental states which it creates. With every choice, recorded in memory, these weightings are adjusted and continually fine-tuned.

5/5/2020 8:17 a.m.

Late start this morning  […]  on this gray overcast, yet sublime day.

Tuning in.

The Club:  We are here.

Notice what you do when you tune, you become aware to all-that-is, around you.  The different voices of the birds singing, the wind swaying, the visual impressions.  So instead of focusing on one thing, you expand consciousness to drink it all in.  And with that mindset, you “conjure” us into the dialogue.

Yes (smiling), I see the relationship to yesterday’s talk, and I want to continue on this. 

So we said that the mind (or consciousness) is a certain observable operator (or "observable"), who’s function is to notice / make aware (“to raise up”) and to bring to attention;  and which is not distinct from the state it looks at.

It also changes slightly over time. that is, it becomes tuned more, and I had problems seeing this.

Then last night I reread an older article, and it talked about how we are all soul-strands, and our goal in life is to bring these more into harmony, that is, the mix of it, the strength of the various components, the weightings, change over a lifetime.

So is there a connection?

Indeed!  But only one [out of many].  The weighting is really the main point.  We have had that before as well, where we talked about bleed-through between membranes, and the self.  All this is determined by these weights, and these are fluid.

So the awareness-operator, a highly complex function, has millions if not billions (basically A LOT!) of these weights as well.  And for each a certain range which can be tuned.

Now, all these things flow into the operator AND are a part of it.

That is the hard part to express and understand.

So [it is] a base function [like awareness], modulated by the soul-strands, bleed-through, self, base-tuning [a mood etc] and whatnot. All this comes together.  Now, some of these are more abiding, like the self that regards, but we already talked about how it changes over time as well.

It all sounds very complex.

Well, it is all some very basic concepts, like wave interference or modulation, and then finding “the right” mix – that is the hard part.

Finding the “right mix” … [mulling that statement over]

Well, again (smiling), it is the right mix  on one hand to get something like awareness to come together, and on the other hand to mix a life, and so on.


Stay here, we are not done.  Let’s go back to your “tuning-in” ritual.  It also is to find the right mix for awareness to be conductive to this sort of dialogue.

It has to get to the point where this can flow.  So this is a tuning, a setting the tension just right, until it all can flow, or harmonize together.

Now, in the other talk, we talked about “consonance” and “dissonance,” that is con- + sonate (sound), literally meaning “sound right together.”  So there is a connection to explore.

Because at another point, we had talked about our communication (to commune, form a community) meaning to talk through the substratum of thought, and that is then how “entangled minds” can communicate.   

So here you have consonance (sound together) and “entanglement,” a concept from QM.

Yes, entangled means we have a super-system in some state, but we cannot separate out the sub-systems, thereby we do know the state of the super-system but not the states of the subsystem.  Once we measure one of the subsystems and determine its state, we automatically know with certainty the state of the other subsystem as well, without measuring it.

And consonance is to sound together, to form a harmony.

I see it as similar [to entanglement] but fail to make the whole connection.

For us to communicate, it has to be aligned in harmony, or “entangled.” Maybe entangled is too strong a word, but if you want to sound esoteric, “the vibrations have to be aligned,” otherwise it cannot flow.

Hmm. All very loosy-goosy.  I mean, as a concept it certainly makes sense, as a concrete way, I don’t know.

Smiling […]

[…]  But OK, I get this about the tuning-in process.  It is bringing consciousness, my mind, to a certain state where it (the awareness operator)  can pick this up.  That is, a fine-tuning. A momentary tuning of the system to be able to do all this.
We also had “concentrate” before – to be with a common center, a sort of centering.

Yes.  The focus, the center of attention is set to a certain function. All these are examples of tuning the operator of awareness.   

Yet SOME of these tunings will abide more [change slower], and that is the whole point.

As you choose yourself through life, these choices, these having-given credence, feed back into the system, and affect both memory and the operator – the two not being as separate as you think they are.

[as a thought particle: ] In a way, I am getting that the operator is pre-tuned when we enter life, and memory is a blank slate, a “tabula rasa.”

The pre-tuning includes our soul-strands configuration in some weighting (which can change) plus the functionality of our base machinery (brain, senses). 

The memory then gets created as we go through this life, and as it gets created it helps to adjust and tune the settings.

Very good.  Cold not have said it better – smiling.  [The implication is that they said it as much as I did.]

[I take a moment to reread parts from above. ]

So in a way you ARE both the internal settings, as an awareness operator, that gets adjusted through life by way of your choices, and the memory, combined.  The memory IS  in a way the weighting of the operator.

That’s interesting.

And using that memory as a weighting, as a configuration, the operator beholds itself (the universal state) and comes up with alternatives for choice, which are all then taken.

So each variant adjusts itself accordingly.  The final soul-cloud, if you want, is then the same as all these weightings expressing the total probability [distribution] of the total system that is YOU in all your variants.


So the awareness operator is in a way “the self” that is built out of the strands and bleed-through, in a way also adjusted by all kinds of weights.

So the weights are everything?

The weights are everything.

In QM, those would be the coefficients of the state-vector (or “wave-function”) how much each part feeds into the whole.  Plus, these set the probability.

Remember in QM that these weightings are complex numbers.  And we had that the imaginary part is the dimension into All-D, which connects “the real” with the All-D.

So here, these weightings ARE the connection, the bleed-through between YOU in the physical and your All-D parts.

Huh! [said as an insight.]


Just to add, the Fourier synthesis of waves also uses weightings of the wave components.

Right, there are connections, yet differences.  The complex numbers are very important.*

*[Added afterwards: I just looked it up, and apparently you can have complex fourier series'.]

OK, I remember that the imaginary part [of the complex numbers] ARE the reason why two weightings can cancel each other out, or the reason why in QM there CAN be interference.

All getting close. So are you good?

Yes. Given the later start, let’s top.

Have a good day choosing.

9:00 a.m.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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