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The key to understanding is you, for all the answers are within you (Part 3)

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The key to understanding is you, for all answers are within you -- because you are ALL, one with everything. By being in key with your Being, you tune yourself to finding these answers. And thereby you change, yourself and All-That-Is.

5/28/2019 8:15 a.m.

I want to talk some more about “the key to understanding is you.” Because I felt that yesterday’s two sessions went far, but there is more to it.  [Session 1, Session2] You (The Club) even said that, too.

So I reread both dialogues just now, and I’d like to continue. So are you there?

[I went back inside shortly and had this thought: “You have to be in key.”]

So let me set my AT-TENSION.  Are you here?

The Club: We are here. What do you want to know?

All there is to tuning and keys?

[laughter] Well, last night you had one more insight before you went to bed. Copy that here.

OK. It was at 11:38 p.m.:

“For ultimately all answers are within you, because you are ALL, one with everything.  So you are (everybody is) the key to understanding  the secrets.”

Exactly. So what else is there to it? Does that not say it all?

You are the key. All answers are within you.

Not necessarily the you in 3D. Of course not – your 3D being does not have all the answers.  But your greater being, extended into All-D, call it “Higher Self," and Oversoul, and its oversoul, and so on, all the way to All-That-Is, has the answers. All Answers. For it is all already there, in countless variations, and just has to be discovered. Discover, to “un-cover “ what is there.  You see?

So, you, yes you, ARE. And to get the answers, you have to be able to tune in to your greater self.  A “higher wisdom,”  we laugh at that [laughing]. Really, how funny, because even at our level we don’t have all the answers.

But we can get them if posed.  And that is where you are helpful, to us, all higher levels.  Because you live in a world of separation. And only there things stand out as separate.  And thus, questions CAN arise. Seeing things “other” than you, wondering about them.  

So you see, you ARE the key to understanding. Not only to understanding, but to even asking, to questioning: Why? How?  And so on.  

Without you, that is 3D life and beings, no such questions, or maybe better asking these questions, would be harder for us.  We are better at seeing the answers.

And if you learn to tap into us, as you are doing this very second, and in this process of the dialogue, we can help give you answers, by giving you small guidance and insights.

But to do so, you have to “be in key.” Such as block out the dissonance.   

The dissonance is very helpful. It is really the questioning. It IS the engine that drives everything further. Starting with the first distinction. You have to start seeing things as separate, feeling a dissonance, of “I don’t understand this,” “I cannot figure this out,” and that then starts the process.  Once you feel the dissonance, put yourself “back in key,” become attuned to your being, and let the answers come, explore, flow, do not block.  Just as you are doing now.

And then, the answers will come. And just as in the dialogue, the answers will possibly change you, elevate you, because the answers will integrate this new knowledge into you.  Thereby change you.  A “newer you” is created, which now has its strands / strings / vibrations slightly rearranged or weighted differently.  So in the process, your key WILL change a bit.  Maybe before it was, say, C-Major, now it is D-Major, or whatever, just as an analogy.

But learning, understanding, means to change.  And that, change, is one of the definitions of life, of living.

You see?

Wow. That was a long “lecture” [laughing], but yes, very insightful.

Yes, but of course, it was not a lecture, you understand that, it was YOU being in KEY and letting the answers flow through you.  We just helped by triggering it all.  In a way, you played us, in key, and we played you, in key. Simultaneously.

[Pause. Looking down at the grass again. The light winds makes it move gently, it all seems, again, pulsating.]

Very good. That is sort of a meditative state. To still the chatter and just breathe in. To be in BEING, to breath as Being, as one. You see?  

That is one way to become tuned right, to “be in key.”

So, to summarize:  Yes, Hanns, you and thereby everybody of your readers, those legions of readers [laughing, sarcastically]…

HA! HA! ( Now they are mocking me.)

Sorry [smirking], but yes, YOU ARE the key.  

Used wrong, it locks the answers.  
Used right, it will unlock the answers.
Because the answers are here.

And you, through questioning, are also the key to the engine that drives change.


To be clear, not physical change, because all that is already in place, right?  Just the change in understanding, in let’s call it “mental space,” although that is about as wrong a term as it can be.  But you see the distinction.


Well, yes and no, because consciousness is enfolded together with matter, remember?  More life in those layers of Being, all enfolded together.

OK. Close enough.  I think, did we cover it all today?

If you want to. There is always more – this is becoming a theme [laughing].  But it seems you are ready to stop.

Yes, starting to drift.  Getting “out of key.”  Let’s stop.

Bye then.

Thank you.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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