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The self-organizing Whole: from Hologram to Structures

How new insights are triggered by the Higher Self using thought-particles, similar to ideomotor effects in pendulum work

7/18/2019 7:15 a.m.

Sitting outside… I want to continue on scope, microscopes and telescopes and holograms.

The Club: OK, let’s go.

But, as you said, these scopes exist conceptually?  [The word concept stands out, I look it up: concept, a thing conceived.  From conceive, “take into the mind, absorb mentally.  Pausing ]

Yes, but you are getting hung up on a word. That was not the point.  
Now, look, at the physical level, these layers or scopes don’t really exist. Take for example an organ. Sure, it has a certain shape, take [for example] a liver, and if you cut it out it looks like a well contained entity. But inside the greater body or organism, the liver is connected intrinsically to this organism, through blood vessels, and whatnot. So it is an integral connected part of the whole.  The whole, the body, can’t live (well) without a liver, and the liver can’t exist outside. (We say “live well” because today, through technology or medicine, the body can survive without a liver, but not without outside help or modifications, etc.).

So the liver needs the body and the body needs the liver.

It is just, that at this point of that point of the liver, the organism has organized itself into that organ, that serves a certain part and function in the whole. So, from the standpoint of the organ, it is still the whole, fully integrated and connected, but just organized WITHIN the whole to have this shape and function.  Grown organically.

So it’s just an integral part of the whole that expresses a need of that whole – to clean the blood, in a certain way or function. Now, it is the same with all the other shapes.

There really are no fragments, or layers, that are ever separate. There are only “parts,” that are ALWAYS connected, integrated, of the whole that has organized them [the parts] into some structure as needed by the whole. Galaxies, suns, … , humans, organs, cells, atoms…

So they are functional groupings within the whole. The whole drawing boundaries within itself, as it needs it.

Right!  Boundaries.  But not arbitrary?

Well, that is a different thing. In this reality they have a certain function. But in others, they may seem arbitrary.  Science also now believes, right?, that there may be infinitely possible universes, and this one here just happens to have the right “settings” to sustain life.  Again, the whole organizing itself.

The self-organizing whole, you might say.

So then, back to the hologram.  Where every part is the whole and vice versa!

Right, so there you have it!  In that “hologram,” call it “All-That-Is” all combinations are possible, all groupings. 
[I lost it momentarily – re-turning …. ]  
The “hologram” itself is boundary-less. Yet, it then gets grouped into this, this physical, and mental, layout, in this [moment of] time.

That’s what time is, too, you know? A momentary drawing of a boundary around/within All-That-Is.  And as you wrote about before, it simply iterates itself, to get to the next moment.

So who or what draws the boundaries?

Remember how you had churning? How matter and consciousness are really together in that primal “soup,” that hologram, that All-That-Is.  It just churns itself, and out comes THIS universe and THIS consciousness.
And that includes all different functional scopes of consciousness as well. From universal, or “All Consciousness to atomic particle consciousness.
Everything IS aware, and IS matter at the same time. No split, at least in the cosmic soup of All-That-Is.  
So, to answer:  All-That-Is draws the boundaries, as soon as it churns itself, if that makes sense.

Hmmm, boundaries.  Also got the word “membrane.”

Maybe a better word, as it is more 3D-space-ish.  Boundaries sound more like borders on a map, membranes are typically more in a higher space, right?  
Now, the idea of a border is not bad either, because what is really a border?  An imagined (!) separation based on the convention between two countries.  Sometimes set by geographical features, like a river, but sometimes draws with a ruler on a map, such as for example the Western states in the US, Colorado, Utah, and so on.  So in that case you have a certain arbitrariness in it. The Eastern states in the US look very organically grown, well not all, and then you have these arbitrary straight lines.  You might say, it becomes a bit “abstract” and random.

OK, but back to membrane. Look that up, please.

OK:  “membrane,”  the skin covering an organ or limb, from Latin “membrum” (which yielded our word “member”), meaning part of the body, limb, organ – one that belongs.

Yes, there you see it: one that belongs!


Now, you are getting hung up on the boundary, the membrane, the outer skin. You see only the entity-like part of it, as it appears to you at the level of these scopes.  But the important par tis the internal organization within the whole!  The outside membrane is just the convention between it and the other parts of the whole!  That shape is given as in interaction of the parts themselves.
So the liver looks like that in part because to fulfill a certain function, in other parts because it grows itself inside of the organism with all the other parts at once, to the optimal benefit of that organism.  It does not need to be bigger, it should not be smaller, to do its function.
You see?
Everything arises together.

So when you peer down the microscope, or up into the heavens or skies, you see structures (at your level of scope, functional scope) that self organized themselves, and do so at every moment.  And when the needs of the whole change “over time,” the membrane will get redrawn in a collective process of push and pull, into this sort of equilibrium.  And equilibrium that nonetheless has a pressure insight, because each choice introduces a slight change, a slight pressure, and thus in the next iteration, the membrane IS redrawn.
You see?

Yes, I am starting to.  The choice is the critical point, where consciousness at some level, interacts with the system.  So, do only humans, or beings like us, choose?

No! Everything chooses. Including the non-3D parts (wrong words: guides, souls, oversouls, etc.) and lower parts. [ a thought-particle came in:  How could the universe develop otherwise, without humans? ] Why do you think a cell becomes cancerous? Just a random occurrence? A mutation? In the analogy of the crystal, all possibilities are contained.  But remember, the all consciousness is not separate, as [neither] is yours. It is all a collaborative consciousness, only “membraned” (is that a word?) into these sub-consciousnesses.  Just as the physical, too.

OK, this is enough. My head is buzzing. Let’s stop.


Until next time  [8:10 a.m.]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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