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The source of Good vs. Evil, Love vs. Hate

Synchronizing energies across time and space and lives

Tuesday 8/27/2019 8:45 a.m.

I want to have a talk about good vs. evil; or evil in general.  It’s been a topic that has been on my mind now for maybe a couple of weeks or so.  It started by a statement in a book, suggesting that all human emotions, including evil, extend into All-D (3D life and the afterlife), and that our All-D consciousness is not as “all good” as we normally think of it.

So the question is:

Is evil a universal pattern that extends beyond or 3D lives into the afterlife, call it the realm of spirits and souls and All-That-Is?

We had this topic come up just a few days ago, and we mentioned the insight expressed by Shakespeare in “there is no good or bad but thinking make it so” (Shakespeare, Hamlet).  

True that!  

But is there then no evil at all? How about goodness?  If a person has an intention to do an act like murder, and knows fully well it is not right but does not care, then is this not evil, an evil that exists universally?

Yesterday,  I then received this insight out of the blue:

“It’s not good vs. evil, not hate vs. love, but…
Contraction vs. expansion,
Attraction vs repulsion,
Enfolding vs unfolding. “

And a bit later on:

“Evil is to take separation to the max: ‘it is all not me.’ “

And I understood!   

So that’s the lead in.  Now I’d like to talk about this, if possible. Let me go through my checklist…

The Club:  We are here, no need [to go through the tuning in process]; you stated that well.

OK, then let’s start. Evil, good, love, hate.

As you picked up already, these are emotional expressions of what we/you called before “the heartbeat of the universe” or “the pulse of Being.”

Right, I re-read that post last night.

So in it you have a list of phenomena you can see like thought vs. the subconscious,  entity vs. community, [signal vs noise, figure vs ground, particle vs wave], etc.    The key point is that there is a sort of enfolded reality that contains more, or all  [subconscious, wave, ground, noise, community… ], and then an unfolded reality where a singular “thing” comes out [thought, particle, figure, signal, entity…].

And we talked at length how this enfolding/unfolding happens, churning it back out, how in the enfolded all consciousness, matter, time, and probabilities are together [holographically].  And that this happens asynchronously, like how waves in an ocean are formed.

You also had that LOVE is primary, that it is the only emotion that reunites, overcomes separation. So love is the expression of recognizing our oneness, while being separate.

Yet, you do live and experience separately as individuals.

And that is due to the mantra, as you already had it: to maximize experience [for All-That-Is]. That is the meaning of life, so to speak.

Yes, I got all of that.

So now this oneness, this “holographic” net of Indra, separates out into these individual units […], to create “this reality” that you experience now. (Let’s leave alternate branches out of it for now).

So you have these two great forces [or movements]:

  • Separation [out of oneness into billions upon billions of units or parts,  from atoms to humans to stars], as to maximize experience.
  • Attraction/Contraction, so that it can re-enfold again [each moment enfolds back into oneness] and start over again.

That is the engine of life, the universal being; you had this in “the pulse of being,” an apt name.

But this separation and contraction/attraction can also be felt emotionally, and at its extremes you have hate and love.  And acted out, hate becomes evil, love becomes goodness.  Those are at least the terms used for it in your language.

So it’s not that… no, let’s start over.  
So you can see this a couple of ways:

From one viewpoint then, love and hate, good and evil, ARE universals, because any consciousness that is capable of sensing and expressing the universal heartbeat would deem it like that. It’s a judgment of that movement [taken to its extreme] AS love vs. hate.

From another viewpoint, they are not universals, as deep down in all layers there is no judgment, of course; there is only the heartbeat.

So it needs a consciousness to judge that universal heartbeat at its extremes AS love vs. hate.  As such, the idea of “there is no good or bad but thinking makes it so” is correct.

Interesting, and well put.  Let’s talk about seeing this at its extremes, or feeling, “emoting” this as love vs. hate, good vs. evil.  Maybe concentrate on evil a bit.

Fine. Remember that this is attraction vs. separation expressed emotionally.  So there is a movement of separation, the unfolding [of oneness] into reality.  At that point, you learned, there is already a distinction between seeing this a partitioning of a whole or as fragmentation.  A part is still a portion of the whole, a fragment is smashed apart as completely separate from the whole.  Your [human/Western]  worldview tends to see fragments: individuals completely separated from each other. Now, if somebody operates this from an extreme viewpoint, he sees all things as completely separate and opposite. Add to this a bit of self-righteousness, and you push the others even more away.  At one point, this turns into hate, or “I am better than the other” or whatnot, you understand.  And at one point, taken even further into action, you get “I don’t care about hurting the other, as they are not me,” and it goes from there.  It is due to seeing “the I” or the ego as supreme, and not caring about the other.

Complete separation, if you will, taking the experience of separation to its maximum [is the cause of hate and evil].

I see that,  hope others understand it as well.

Right. So love is the opposite. This is consciousness recognizing its separation, and at the same time seeing itself in the other, realizing they are one, and yearning to be reunited in the oneness again, from which it/they came from.

Right, got that as well.  Not sure if there is any more to add to this.

There is always more, but it seems like a good place to stop. Your willingness is waning. Work is calling, we smile…

OK. Until next time.

9:17 a.m.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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