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Time is holographic: Each moment contains all time, and time contains all moments.

Time is holographic

7/24/2019 8:00 a.m.

Sitting outside, nice, today will be a scorcher with temps in the 100s. Now it is nice.

I had reread some posts about time and space. We had concepts like local and global time, asynchronous,  holographic space-time, drawing membranes around areas of the “hologram” to bring out these integrated parts, time balance of the past pushing/branching and the future pulling/combining, and enfolding/unfolding.

And as I sat there, I also had this insight about time, that it is also holographic.  So that’s what I would like to talk about.

The Club:  Yes, “time is holographic.”  Because all is.  A given moment really is all this as seen/experienced [also created/chosen] by consciousness.  It is matter and consciousness churned out into this, and this is also “this moment.”  That is really all it is.

And as we talked about, all is organized through enfolding in a holographic structure: each part is the whole and vice versa. So then, each moment is the whole of time and choice and so on, and the whole of time is this moment.

It all contains each other, as matter /space /consciousness is also “time.”

Now, the difference between a moment and what you call “time” is the sequence. Time appears linear, like a flow.

But we talked about this already. Since each moment contains all time (and alternate realities), it also contains the next moments.  I/We say moments because there are infinite branches here in each moment for all variant lives.  And consciousness chooses, and in the next iteration of enfolding /unfolding /churning the next moment comes out for that consciousness.  

That is also, again, why there is local time vs. more universal time, because there are layers in this enfolding, orders, and each has a certain consciousness with its time.

But yes, the key is, that everything is holographic, including time.

This is also why the future can have a pull, like a certain attractor, that several timelines will gravitate to.

Fine. Now then, how do you experience time?

Just like we do “space” and “matter” in a more holographic manner.

And consciousness?

That’s the point. You cannot really separate them. Only, at our “level,” say in your terms we are “higher up” or more deeper enfolded, so for us the “lower” spacetimes and consciousnesses are all there for the grasping. We ourselves then have these membranes, too, which can reveal groupings.

So far as to come and talk to you, obviously we have to be able to "enter" this time/ space/ consciousness stream that you are in, otherwise we could not communicate.  Remember, “communicate” is based on “union,” what is common. So there has to be common ground, time/ space/ consciousness.

And for us, all these variant timestreams, alternate realities, lives, they are all right there in the enfolded, and we then locate you (not always easy) and…

[lost it ]

OK, so you do have this notion of time, too?

Yes and no. We can draw membranes around lower levels, and thus have more freedom in the time / space continuum. But we, too, are enfolded higher up towards All-That-Is.

Can you go higher up, too, in those levels?

No, not really. We, too, are a functional part within the whole. Just with freedom in what you call “time.”  Yet, we are obviously organized into these membranes, around deeper (or higher) levels that are beyond us.  

At the extreme, it really is one “hologram-like thing.”

And that is really the main point, you see?  It really is ONE, out of which membranes set up groupings, through the process of churning or unfolding. 

So this All-That-Is is also time. “Time,”  or rather moments in time.  Because a “moment” is invariably this, space, matter, consciousness, probabilities, choice, parts, all the future and past “connected” to it.  And again, time then is only choosing the next [branch / iteration ].

OK, I kind of get it.

ALL ONE, interspersed, then [into a] membraned form.  “Membrane”  means “that which belongs.”  So a given moment will only reveal that which belongs, including the future choices, and then consciousness chooses and the process starts over.

OK, so interesting. Let’s stop, I am getting distracted now.  

Fine, then until next time. [8:30 a.m.]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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