I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

TCB: To lose yourself in the Ground of Being, change the whole situation to be conductive and get out of the way

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To merge and lose yourself in the Ground of Being, change the whole situation, both your inner and outer world, to be conductive to the experience, and then get out of the way so it can flow.

6/14/2019 8:05 a.m.

Hanns (H):  Sitting out, soaking up the warm rays of the sun.  Beautiful day. Connecting.

So, I want to start the discussion, or dialogue, again on this topic of substratum, the storehouse of all knowledge.  I also reread, yesterday and today, the posts on “synchronizing” and “beacons.” Because the gist is the same:  I / We typically look at this from the view of being separated.  So we see things as different entities, or pieces of knowledge, that have to be connected.  

But the lesson was, here as well as back there, that everything is really one whole.  So we need to start from the whole, and bring a part “back with us” into this 3D world here.

The same was true in the analogy of surfing the flow: “paddle out” to the right spot first, so you can catch the flow.  I take it, paddling out, “situating” would then really mean to go inwards, into inner space,  and be and feel ourselves in this whole into an access.

So that’s where I am. 

Now, let me try to go through my list now, and see “if I can connect.” Willing: yes.  Energy:  yes, almost too much this morning.  AT-Tuning.

[Sitting here a bit.  Watching the dew reflect of a spider’s web in the morning sun.  Calm.  Now getting:  ]

The Club beyond Time and Space and Minds (TCB):  We are here.
[…]  But what exactly is your question?

H:  Good question [laughing].  I guess I still want to go deeper into how “to connect,” whereby “connect” is the wrong term.  You know, get into the whole and bring something out targeted?

TCB:  Well, you just did it a minute ago when we were not here.  You just sat there, and got lost, looking into the mist of that spider’s thread.  And it was beautiful in the sunlight.  Here, the beauty overrode [?] your mind, stilled it, and it became “a gate of truth.”

H:  Right.  I felt my being come down, relax into it all, and then you answered.  Like now: are you here?
TCB:  We are here, it is an automatic “connection.” It is really an alignment, although that again is spatial analogy.  I guess we, and you, struggle with the limits of language here, because it IS built on the experience of being separate.  

H:  Yes, and I don’t even know how this could be stated.
TCB:  Well, let’s go back into this notion of relativity, of how it is all relative.  The idea of the surfer paddling out is also a spatial thing, of the surfer moving in space.  But we once gave you the insight of not consciousness moving in space towards this, but consciousness, local consciousness being “stationary” and instead moving all else into place.  So not as if a surfer paddles out but instead pulls or arranges the waves around himself, or pulls the world around itself until “it fits the situation.”

That is a bit more like what it is.  Motion is always relative, it is either the object moving in some background, or the background moving against the figure.  In this case, here, background and figure are always one whole, and when the figure is brought out, arranges “itself” in that background, it can kind of set the background to fit the situation.

So that is also the idea of a beacon.  It is to delve into the background, with a very slight intending, and then be in this and come back out of the background changed, with the access to that intention.  

Again, the notion of “tuning” intention, setting AT-Tension, which is a spatial analogy again.  A string is tuned in space.  “Inner space.”

But inner space is different!  Do you follow?  Certainly, outer space is really spatially, 3D, time.  And mere language is akin to that experience.   But then there is this “inner space,” what you talked with Hermann [Hesse] about.  This is the space of emotions, feelings, thoughts.  Here, too, emotions and thoughts first come into being and are noticed.  So again, a figure comes out against a background and is noticed.

But that ground, that is the mystery we are trying to get to,  that ground contains all, that ground is all, it is the whole.  And if you can somehow, lost the word… suspend this noticing for a bit, then you get access to the whole.

H:  Ah, so noticing is the key.  Getting lost, without noticing.  The problem is, we always notice, like I am noticing “your thoughts,” these thoughts.

TCB:  Yes, but [right now] you don’t act on them.  You just let them flow, just being aware, without fighting them, as they bubble up, and writing them down.

But that is really what a gate of truth does. It lowers the shield of perception, where it, you, become one again with the other, that which you noticed as a figure against a ground, gets lost again, you get lost in the other, and once again form a whole, the whole, the ground of all that is.

So that’s what you do when you, as you call it, AT-Tune.  It is just, tuning in more to the ground.  You now have some vocabulary for this:
-    Substratum, the enfolded, implicate order (where all is enfolded),  the “holographic mode” of consciousness (we smile at this), whatever .

H:  Or Indra’s net.
TCB:  Exactly. That is the experience of it, which you were once part of.   So, very good.  Of course, for you [laughing] that was a once in a lifetime experience, but it is with you all the time.

H:  Right, so back to inner space because ultimately that is what we are dealing with here.  Merging somehow into this inner space, with potentially a slight intention, and bring it out with you.
TCB:  Yes.

[ rereading the introduction ]

H:  So the problem is how to do this to the point of where it becomes reproducible.
TCB:  Well, yes and no.  Because you have to remember that everything, every time you do this, you do find yourself in a certain situation, a 3D+time situation.  That is just part, or more exactly, to be the point of being in 3D:  of always being in some situation.  And that happens to include external factors, or what you deem to be external factors.  So, you are always in a given situation, a given world, a world of that moment of space and time, and that world, that total world also includes your inner world.  It is affected by it, the external, just as the external is affected by you through your actions and inactions – so you always affect the external.

H:  I just notice “affect.”
TCB:  Yes, look it up, but later.  Stay here right now.
So the total world, inner and outer, sets the situation. Like in quantum physics, the observer IS the observed.  And vice versa.  It is not separable.  A whole.  So when you say, it should be reproducible, you have to take that into account.  It will be different every time you do this, because you, you are IN time, both inner and outer.

H: OK, but could we not work towards some method, or  “algorithm” to help with this, some sequence or steps?

TCB:  Yes, and we are in fact doing this. Like your “checklist:” willingness, energy, attuning, etc.  What this leads up to is to “level the playing field,” [to]  take the situation, as given, and turn it into a situation, as a whole, that is more given to this, to this here, to being receptive.

But that is the key:  it is not just  “Oh, I just have to mediate and thereby get my inner space,” no, it is setting up the TOTAL situation to be like this.  Of “feeling” yourself into the situation where it is conductive  to this, what we are doing.  “Conductive” is a great word, yet again steeped in separation.  A conductor let’s things flow, in this case from the ground into awareness.  But you still find yourself find yourself in a TOTAL situation, external and internal.

It is really finding the ground of that total situation, tapping into it, coming down from awareness, and then being reborn, moment to moment, in this changed situation, conductive to the “pregnantness” of the potential.

H:  Sunyata, the Buddhist concept of emptiness.  But not as a void, but as emptiness pregnant with potential.  

TCB:  Yes. Another metaphor, but a famous one. Fine.  So if you can tap into that, lower your attunement, your chatter, your noticing, until you gain access, then the situation is conductive and it will flow.

H:  Yes.  The problem for me, or humans, is how exactly to do this.  “Consistently.”
TCB:  But the more you understand about this, the more you know, and the more often you do this, it becomes easier, does it not?

H: Oh, absolutely. It is really is about “getting out of the way.”

YOU get out of the way until IT can just happen, almost by itself.

Is that not the experience?

H: Yes.
TCB:  For most people it is just trying to have that experience for themselves, instead of reading about it.  Having them do that, actually sit down and try this, that is the problem.

H: Another activation energy.
TCB:  And they just have to learn to do it, just as you had to get pushed to try yourself.  Only, you were receptive.  Heather’s death was another trigger, to make you receptive. But that is another story.  
Attention is waning, we can feel it.

H: Yes, let’s stop. But good discussion
TCB:  Much was said.  Let it “sync in.” We like that little phrase [laughing].
H: OK. Bye now

[9:01 a.m.] [ Continued in the next day's dialogue ]

Afterwards I look up some words that came up:

Conduit, conduct:  com + ducere (lead), to lead together
Originally there is a sense of guidance here, an escorting party:  to guide, accompany and show the way, to lead along.

Affect (noun), Originally:  disposition, mood, state of mind produced by some external influence.  Root:  “to do to” ,  ad- (to) + facere (to make, do)

Affect(v):  to make a mental impression,  to act upon

Affect vs effect:
To affect:  to cause a change in (something already there)
To effect:  to bring about or execute ( something new)

These measures will affect savings -> produce a change in existing savings
These measures will effect savings -> create new savings

Condition:  com- + dicere :  to talk together
A condition is produced by talking together, in the sense
Talk-together -> agreement -> stipulation/provision -> situation/mode-of-being -> condition

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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