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We see reality at different scales, yet it is one whole and integrated organism

To start speaking with your Higher Self takes willingness & an activation energy to start the flow

7/7/2019 8:15 a.m.

Wonderful Sunday morning.  First day in weeks where we have a gray sky.  Typically, I could not call a gray sky beautiful, but after all that endless heat we have had, it is like a respite.

So, I would like to talk about scale, about seeing reality at different scales, from the microscopic to the cosmic, and how for each, some different laws can be found.
Now, I just looked up “scale,”  and originally it meant “split, divide, peel.”   
So let me try.

We are here.  So state your insight from last night.

OK, there are these scales [I drew the following diagram]

Sub-atomic                -> physics
   Molecular              ->  chemistry
  /         \
Geology     cells/life    -> biology
|              |  
|            society      -> sociology

Solar systems             -> cosmology
Big Bang 

So we can study these are various scales, and get different sciences, dealing with the respective scale.

Right, now note how all these items are just occurants, particle-like entities (at different scales).  Things like fields, electromagnetic, and gravitational , where do those fit in?

I guess, unless you say strong force (atomic) fields can span the whole spectrum.

Right.  So here is a spectrum.   [“spectrum,”  originally “appearance,”  from *spek- to look ]
But look, a scale is a sort of measuring.  “Maya”  means measuring.  So again, it is “ just” overlaying a net, a net based on perception, onto an undivided whole, and seeing it at different levels, at which you notice various groupings. 

From an atomic level, where does a body begin and end?  If it is integrated completely within “life.”  Sure, you can isolate a body and put it into outer space, but there it is not in a life sustaining environment.  Certain bodies, scales, have to be integrated in the greater whole for them to function, atoms in molecules, in cells, in bodies, in an environment, in a planet.  

So you see, yes, you can see it as scales from one end, but really it is one whole. Each part, which you try to isolate, is part of that whole, and the whole is the part,  You cannot split it.

So scales are just convenient notions for humans to examine certain “parts”  and their behavior, but again, often this is done by seeing fragmented, not integrated with the whole.

So then what good is it?

Oh, a lot of “good”  has come out of it.  But also “bad.”  Why do you think you have global warming? Because science does not see, or take into account the global interconnection (it is more).  And that’s all that there is to it at this moment.

I got the word “organism.”   [looked it up,  “a functional part of the body,”  from Greek “oganon” meaning “tool, instrument,”  from IE *wark, meaning “work.” ]

Yes ,everything is really a giant organism.  With parts serving the organism and vice versa, from cosmic scale down to subatomic scale, all integrated… And [being] there for a function.  Now, that is not only the view from entities [you], but from us, “the non-perceivable parts,” as well.  It all integrates, into integrated “organs” in an unending organism.  “Organic”  is a good word to capture it.  You can never see an organ isolated, fragmented, but only within the overall function.  Sure, you can cut out an organ to study it, at its scale, but then you kill the patient, you see?

Yes, very much so.

So to study an organ, a part, in isolation, is to gain some knowledge about ITS internal parts, and so on.  But at the scale of atoms and smaller, you reach the limits of this because  here is where the integration with the whole is most “observable,”  that is it always depends on the observer, and the experimental setup.  Here is where the “worlds”  of particle and wave come together.

Maybe stop?  [ I was having doubts, about where this insight comes from ]

No, no, let’s not stop.  This is good stuff. If you don’t get this from us, from where do you get this?  It’s useful insight no matter what.


So don’t doubt yourself.  Again, “doubt,” means splitting apart. “Scale” also means “to split, do divide,”  “Maya”  is a measuring.  You see, it is all related?

Sort of see that, but not.

When you doubt, you split yourself away, being separate, instead of integrated.  Not a part integrated in some organic system, but fragmented away. Now, remember the system is not just the occurant items, but also “the hidden” parts that you, using a wrong word, only “sense.”  So in a way you lift yourself into a different scale and measure from that view, set yourself separate from it.  That is also a bit how doubt works.  Do you see?

A bit, yes.

We are just trying to tie it together a bit.  It is all a mental process, really, of seeing things.  Either fragmented, or integrated.  When you are really attuned with us, it flows, it is integrated.  Earlier it was a bit stop-and-go, and now it flows again better.

True.  This is where insights really flow best.

Yes, and have you noticed that if you stop-and-go, you doubt?  “Is this only me”?  Again, it is ONLY you, because we are you.  There is no seperatation, no fragmentation, only one integrated whole.  So don’t interfere with it by doubting.

Then why do sometimes answers don’t come?

Because, for once, sometimes you are not receptive, and secondly, we have to organize or find something in you, where the thought-particle can take.  Remember the sub-stratum of thought. The underlying stratum has to contain it. Sometime we have to look for the right access.  

OK, so now that it flows so much, maybe restate the scale again?

It is really one, one undivided “organism,”  even further than that because an organism is always a snapshot in time. But the wholes extends beyond that.  Time just unfolds, but really is all enfolded at once. And not just that, but also all parallel, variant lives as well.  So in this moment, at the scale you are, you just pick up “this” because your senses are attuned to it.  That is the human organism, set to this scale.  But really, this communication gets much deeper, it picks up things from “beyond,” wrong word, but you see what we mean.  So this wholeness, this all-that-is, with all variations integrates all together, but you, as a living, breathing, momentary being pick out only “THIS” reality at this scale.
Do you see?
But really, it is ALL together, just interpreted by the 3D being into “this.”


One undivided whole.  Up-Down the scale.  In-Out in time. Left-right in variants.  Of course up/down, in/out, left/right are spatial words.  It is just to show how many “dimensions,” we hate that word, there is to all this.  
So scale is really arbitrary from one view, but necessary from another. Necessary from the aspect of learning.  Learning and choosing.  Because that is what it is all about:  to choose and learn the consequences.  That is why in 3D you need time [time, in general].  Because it splits out and apart.
Now, the issue becomes when you try to understand the whole from “your given scale” and peer up and down, to the atoms and the cosmos, and try to explain all this without the integration.

OK, that all came very fast.

>Communication< [it came as a thought-particle, unfolding into: ] was good. It was able to flow.  Now you are done, energy is waning.  Let’s stop.

OK, thank you.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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