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For Carlo: What is Time? The Arrow of Time? A new understanding, not based on entropy, but iteration

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A novel view of time and “the arrow of time” based on iterations of matter and consciousness.

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This text has not been edited yet, so there will be mistakes. I ask you to forgive this, and find the meaning nonetheless.

For Carlo Rovelli – and all other explorers of time

I am writing this up on 4/22/2019, but the insight came on 4/15/2019 just three days after having an experience of all time enfolded, the second most profound experience of my life.

One of the greatest mystery for us humans is time, and why time moves forward.  This is called “the Arrow of time.”  Strangely, quantum physics has shown that time must be, and is, a reversible process (Feynman),  at least in theory, but somehow we perceive it, or rather experience it, as only going from the past, through the present, to the future.

So physicists have been looking for an explanation. And there is only one natural law, out of all we know, that has a direction of time built in: the second law of thermodynamics.  It has something in it called “entropy,” for lack of better technical ability to describe it, the decay of order into chaos (please, scientists, don’t nitpick this).

And so scientists have taken entropy as the reason behind the arrow of time.  I always thought it to be a very strange reason, but as they said themselves:  “What else would we have to explain it?”

But the universe is simple.  Much more simple.  Not just simple, but elegant. For me, to use a concept of entropy in this simple and elegant universe never made sense.

And, when we read the spiritual texts, indeed, a different view of time emerges.  One of wholeness. Interconnections.  And we find it in some of the scientists, like Bohm (the undivided Universe), but also Wheeler (Law without Law; admittedly I don’t know enough yet, but I am learning).

And there was one statement in one of the spiritual books that hit me like a hammer back when I read it.  Please stay with me now, and do not discount it.  Jane Roberts was able to channel an entity called Seth.  In “Seth Speaks,”  she/Seth made a little statement, it is almost absurdly buried in the text and I don’t think many picked up on it, but it floored me:  

“there is no entropy”

… at the universal level, because the universe is not closed [and that is the assumption made by science; I think it is wrong], but connected with all else, all other probably universes ( science: something like the many word theory).  Instead, energy (whatever he meant by that) can flow between the variant realities.

And I went ‘Wow!’

So here is this notion of wholeness again.

Then, in the days leading up to 4/15/2018 I wrote about the concept that consciousness and matter are really enfolded together, in a greater wholeness  -- which David Bohm felt the most in the  concept of the implicate order a bit ( see other posts).  This is a new paradigm that does not push consciousness to the margins, but incorporates it (Note the word: in-corp-orate, similar to in-car-nate, from corpus, the body:  it enfolds it fully into the body, this reality, this science).

And I felt there has to be something simpler, something more beautiful, more elegant, than this concept of entropy.

So on 4/15/2019 I had this insight, which I just jotted down while doing my work. I will just quote it here as written.

4/15/2019 around 11a.m.

This is the access for Carlo!


Time is simply and interactive function  f : X → X


It is really so simple.

The question really is, what iterates itself.   It is simply the current state of all unfolded, re-enfolding, presenting itself with all possible choices at that moment, choose, and unfolding.
And out come ALL worlds.

There by all worlds are connected, All time is connected.

There really is no arrow of time tied to entropy or something.

It is really so simple and elegant if you can grasp it.  

[Remember the crowd simulators [**see note below]: they did exactly this: take the state of the system, run an algorithm, then re-render, and so on.  However, in physics, we have a problem, the Laplacian demon.  We cannot t know all positions and velocities of all entities.  However, we are coming at it from the standpoint of entities.  Not from the wave/enfolded system.  Rather, we cannot measure the position and direction, because here consciousness interferes.  But we are the same part of all, that was unfolded, our conscious unfolded WITH the particles.

When we allow for greater enfolding of BOTH consciousness AND Matter, then the conflict drops way.  At this point, the mixture chooses, and unfolds itself into ALL possible variants, of which we only see one.

That was the insight.

I should add a couple of notes:

**“crowd simulators.” I know a bit about this.  I wrote the 3rd and 4th generation of crowds simulators while I worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation, some 20 years ago.  The first one was used for Lion King; then on Hunchback of Notre Dame (a timely topic these days with Notre dame burning down on exactly 4/15/2019) more simulation capabilities were added;  and then I was tasked to develop  it further for Mulan, and then later Dinosaur, adding more and more capabilities.  Some of my readers may have grown up with the imagery that was created with my software :-)

But yes, at the heart of this system, is an iterative function that simply takes the state of the system (position and velocity, exactly that which we can’t do in quantum physics due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle), runs some algorithm, and out comes “the next moment” unfolded.  In theory, you could build a reverse algorithm, and reverse the simulation – exactly like the notion of time, that it IS reversible in theory.

But then, there is Heisenberg. And that is what I am trying to get to above.  A single (local) consciousness -- like you, me, in this time-stream and reality--  cannot know both position and direction.  But all, all viewpoints, all measurements, all matter, all space, all consciousness, enfolded together, could.

So that’s that.

But there is one problem, which I then started to think about next.  Quantum Mechanics (QM) gives one view of the world.  Relativity another (Einstein).  And both are not reconcilable.  At least not yet.  One reason, among several, is that relativity assumes a smooth universal space, while QM a chaotic, jumping, unpredictable space.

So, if I had an insight into reconciling materialism and idealism, here was another problem to let my mind (is it really my mind?) work on.   A tall order.

But in the days that followed, more insights came.  Which I have in part already posted.  It goes into synchronous time (relativity)  AND asynchronous time ( QM).   And it goes into relative moment, it is not that WE are moving through space and time, but consciousness, but not (again) consciousness moving IN space and time, but consciousness MOVING space.  It goes into harmonics, base harmonics, a universal heart beat, and layers upon layers.  As Bohm said, layers of order enfolded into more and more subtle orders.   

So that is where I am at (4/22/2019).  Not that I have all the answers.  But I am working myself through it and posting it as insight comes – if only I had enough time to do so.

I am trying to play the glass bead game.

Thank you, great masters, for showing me different points of view to the great mystery.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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