I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Wonderment creates an opening for channeling your Higher Self and Guidance, into which insights can flow.

Wonderment about a subject creates an internal opening for channeling your Higher Self and Guidance, into which insights can flow.

Monday 8/26/2019 8:28A.M.

Sitting outside, beautiful morning, I hear some birds which is a rare blessing as of late.  New pen glides over the paper beautifully. Smiling (that I wrote that). But that is what it means, to tune into the moment, and just record, isn’t it?

I am not sure if I can have a talk, nothing really is on my mind.  Let’s if I can pick anything up, if not then it is OK as well, I just let it “play out” itself.  So, anybody there?

The Club: We are here, but this morning is different?

Huh? Why would that be?  [nothing comes; throwing out different topics but nothing comes ]

Ask us a question?

OK… why is it that you guys never start?



You have to be in wonderment, that is open up a hole, an emptiness, about a topic “you wonder” about.  You wrote about it once, but already forgot.* Go look up the word.

*[I once wrote about it in “The Steps of Essence,” more will be said below… I go look up the word]

OK, it says that it is one of those mystery words; they don’t know (where it came frame).

But that is exactly the point:  you have to stand in the mystery of it all and wonder about something. Then, you see, it really is as simple as that.  Because when you wonder, you don’t know! You have no preconceived notions! And those, as you saw, block the flow, and block us coming through. But to wonder, to truly wonder about something, that is different. You see?

So earlier you wondered what to talk about. There was nothing there, no preconceived notion of it may work like this or that, and that was the opening for us to come through and say “wonder.”

So then, is that why you guys never start with a topic?

In your case, you have to properly empty the mind, so that it can flow.

I still don’t understand why it has to start with me.

It does not always.  We give you plenty of insights and guidance, little flashes here and there during the day – which you used well the last few days to branch off into this dialogue.  So it is not like we never intervene or give you nothing out of the blue.  It is just in these dialogues here, it is often best for you to start.  It seems to work best with a question coming from you.


You see, ultimately it always starts with a question from you.  Sometimes you may not even be fully conscious of it [the question].  In that case, if a dialogue does start from us, then it is just responding to a subconscious question of yours. You see, there has to be an opening for us to “latch” onto – completely wrong word but you understand.

A question, only a question, wondering, gives us such an opening, because it is a hole in your supposed knowledge.  All other spaces are closed – you have preconceived notions.  Not all of them correct – may we add.

I assumed no less, may I add (smiling).

So it would be hard to communicate with those areas, but it is easiest to deal with an opening, and that is “wonderment.”

I seems in the Steps ["The Steps of Essence"] I wrote about it, and it was a key word. I’ll go pull the book…

We’ll be here.

[I go get the book, search for it, and find the section quickly]

OK, here it is, pages 64 & 65, amongst others:

We started with paradox,
going beyond language,
and being in perplexed wonderment.

But to wonder is also to marvel,
and that ultimately is to smile… at yoursel

Right.  The whole section deals with acceptance, right?

Yes, overcoming your limiting thoughts. It really does not work as much with the word “wonder,” but “marvel,” which is linked to mirroring.  So to overcome your limiting thoughts, you realize it is a mirror of yourself, it is really “you” who you are battling , and then you smile at yourself after that realization which leads to acceptance.

MhHmm.  Same here, do you see?  

My self-doubt about this, and being able to do this, is me.   I can just smile at myself, my doubts, realize that it is me, and then it has a chance to dissolve, and we can move forward.

Something like that, good!  That whole section [in the book] bears re-reading, there is very good stuff in there. Because your self-doubt about this, and your doubt in general about this, is real, is a self-defeating mechanism.  Or at least, it is detrimental to this process ( we laugh).

I fully see this. So then, I should add “wonderment,” and from there “to hold it in your mind, lovingly, smiling at yourself,” to the list [a summary of how to channel consciously], right?

Absolutely!  It will keep the whole thing so much more loose, and unconstrained.  This “self smiling” is a way not to take it all too serious, and you know that is one of your weaknesses (and strengths).  You just need to moderate that.

OK, that seems like a good place to stop.  This was great.

Glad to help. Until next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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