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You Cannot Simply Deconstruct Maya

To connect across Time, Space and Lives: Start from the whole, focus, synchronize and beckon a part into awareness.

Sunday 9/22/2019  10:15 a.m.

[...] I left off yesterday’s discussion on maya, as it relates to more modern terms of cognitive filters and processes, and jotted down this question for further inquiry:

"If Maya is a construction (a measurement) that filters pure reality into this world,
how could it be deconstructed so to then experience pure reality again?"

And now I am hearing already “Well you can’t!

Apparently, you are here already, and I won’t get to the other stuff about prisms and such…  So are you here?

The Club: Of course we are, where else would we be? (smiling).  OK, so the answer is, you can’t deconstruct it as long as you are within the construct itself.  To deconstruct it would be to dissolve it all.

But that was exactly the experience of awakening. A dissolving “I” and “it” into allness, call it that.


OK, but that was not a deconstruction. A deconstruction is a [mental] process, a step by step algorithm that a 3D being, while still in this world, could do to dismantle maya, the filter, while it (the 3D being) is still part of it.

That is also the problem with the schematic you drew earlier of the prisms, which split light and then re-merge light: You are looking at it from the outside!  As an observer separate from it. And the word “deconstruct” is the same way:  an outside observer or participant dismantles maya.  And that can never happen.

Rather, it has to happen from within the “mechanism” itself.


Well, yeah, of course.

But it is a completely different access point.  You keep forgetting that in the diagram, oh, just draw it here again…

prisms split and merge whit light

… that all these components are not separate.  They are all one.  So where would you begin to deconstruct?

Well, it would have to be a change inside of “me.”

But “me’” is already seeing the whole broken into parts: this vs. me.  The first distinction is already in play.

[Pause, baffled.]
So then what?

The change would have to be in the total system.

But is it not that if I change a component of the system, the system at large changes?

Seen from one angle, yes.  Seen from another angle, the holographic one, that change is already in the whole. Remember that in 3D you do not really created (yet you do as well) but that it is choosing pre-existing possibilities.

So then, this would be a choice?

But a choice bookended by the past action and the future “result,” or vice versa, the future extending a pull, seen from the system of whole time.

So we are talking about to “be in the moment,” the whole situation with both the past and the future brought into mind.

The future is hidden from you through your apparatus, you cannot do this. As a matter of fact, you have multiple paths and futures, only your apparatus filters out but one of them.

OK, frustrating [this session].

Keep going…

So then what happens during meditation, or the various mental yoga techniques?

The total situation is “changed,” but not form the outside deconstructed, but from the inside, realigning to a different choice.

So, like stilling the mind, canceling (wrong word) the senses…

slowing down perceive time.

Slowing down time?

Perceived time. You still are within the 3D time construct. But the sense-mental process slows down, where All-That-Is casts itself into you.

Hmmm.  Strange session. How is this supposed to be helpful?

You just have to experiment with this.  Just remember, that things like prisms and such are just analogies!  They are not really what happens. You are dealing with white light here [in that model] and that is an immense over-simplification.  Just to say, what appears as white light to you is only the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, there is infinitely more here.

OK, so let’s go with this sequence in Buddhism, how did this go?
Consciousness brings to awareness.
Perception casts into categories.
Sensation arises.
And reaction follows.

[I confirmed afterwards, it's correct like that]

Close enough. It’s even earlier than “consciousness,” for that is the wrong term here. By the “time” this is called consciousness, the filter is already applied, maya exists.  A better term here is awareness, “you” are already aware of “some thing.” The first distinction is in play.  So this goes into something much lower level than this.  “Unfiltered awareness” if you want to call it.

[Pause, just “being” for a moment, being “unfiltered awareness” :) ]
And that is hard.

Yes, and in most cases, it takes time and practice to be able to do that.  Rarely does it happen in a flash, just like that.

OK, not sure where to go with this.

Mull it over.  That will help.  It’s too early for insight.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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