I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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How insights are loosened out of the substratum of thought and induced into consciousness, along with a frequency-print


How insights can be made available, triggered or “loosed out” of the common substratum of thought, and thereby induced or hooked into 3D consciousness, along with a “frequency-print.”

Sunday 9/29/2019 2:15 P.M.

OK, yesterday we talked about the process of getting insights transmitted from you.  The gist is that I must have some basis in my mind (brain) already, and then more can be added to this, sent in form of a through-particle, which I then wrap in language.  Are you here? [Nothing.]  Maybe the setting is not right.

The Club: No, no, that’s not it. You are not receptive.


OK, so let me write some more. The keyword yesterday was that an insight is triggered. So I spend some time to examine this word:  “trigger” comes from “to pull,” thus we have a trigger on a gun.  But given my aversion to having “thought bullets” in my head, I don’t think that this type of trigger is intended  [“Thought bullet” was the original term, then changed to  through-particle]. Funny coincidence, though, thought bullets and triggers (smiling).

Anyways, so I thought some more about it. It is striking to me that in German “to trigger” is “auslösen,” literally “to loosen out,” a distinctly different sense.  I don’t know what to make of this, I had never picked up on this strange sense of the word before…

Though, another synonym of “trigger” is “to induce,” meaning “to lead into,” so we could say that insights are induced by guidance, thereby “leading me.” That seems to fit better.

But to me, the mystery here is this sense of “to loosen out,” not sure…

So are you there?


(Faint) We are here.

[ Tuning in….  I then receive a sudden insight! ]

OK, state it [what you just received] !


To loosen out a thought out of the web, the background, the subconscious, until it becomes conscious.


Right, now remember “the substratum of thought.” As you know, the Buddhists have this concept, too, in “the substratum of consciousness,” which is also called the “storehouse consciousness.” It contains all possible knowledge, or thoughts, at least in the Buddhist view.

Fine, so let’s go with that. Thereby all insights are contained in this substratum. All that has to happen now is for an insight to be “released,” to be "loosened out" or “augelöst” (German for “triggered”).

Your 3D consciousness plus your subconscious already contains so much, but you are also connected to the substratum of thought, the layer (or a layer) beneath all that, and here is how we communicate with you.  We already had this…

So now, you could say, your total 3D consciousness including your subconscious ties into this substratum [or comes out of it]* and these are “the hooks” available to us where we can hook new insights to and transmit them as a thought-particle (insights coming “out of the blue”).

Thus it is a sort of trigger, and also a “loosening-out” (“auslösen”) of insights that exist already in a larger sphere of knowledge – the substratum – so that it can be induced (“lead into”) your 3D mind, where you then receive it and wrap it into language, and so on

That’s the overall process, more or less, but only as an analogy. The details are of course much more involved.

*[As often stated, all is one, and thereby intricately connected.  We thereby should not see our 3D consciousness as separate from the substratum, but more as an isolated part of it that is nonetheless always connected to it. ]


So then, as an example: all that [what "you" just said above] was transmitted to me in this insight earlier, which really contained all of this at once, and these words above are just my own unraveling of this?

Yes, in a way. However, even when choosing words, we can guide.  Thus, the word “trigger” came to you yesterday AFTER the session was over, and you picked up the significance of it.  Remember that you and us are always linked so we can step in anytime.

What about the times when I picked up distinctive voices, like I with Heather? [I describe the first time in this post.]

Thought particles can contain much as information, such as such a “flavoring." She wrapped the info in some sort of her “essence” which you then recognized, and thus wrapped it “in her voice” in your mind.

Could another spirit pretend to do that, pretend to use another essence?

No. That is unique to that person, that spirit, or said best as: “that composite entity.”  Do you like what we did here? (smiling)

Yes.  Normally you can’t have an entity AND a composite, right?  But it expresses our views well, from one view an entity, form another view a composite.

Right.  And that now goes into this other thing you have been dealing with, the frequency model, as you polished up that old article [An older session I had never published until now.]

So in a way every compound entity by way of being made up as a composite has a unique “fingerprint,” it’s frequency "blue print,” or unique combination harmonics.

[Pause, thinking…]  I am just thinking about how a frequency needs time and space, but this has to be beyond that.

Right, as we always say, there is more to this. So let’s table this discussion on frequencies and such, and just say that for purposes of transmitting insights a “fingerprint” – that is so funny because it is anything but that, yet it seems to make the point (smiling) – is or can be attached to, or encapsulates, the insight, which you, if you recognize it, can wrap in a particular voice.

With you guys I never pick up a voice.

Of course not, as we are you, your direct connections, so really it is the same!  Back then with, say, [James] Joyce, that was clearly not.

Yeah, I remember that was a distinctive Irish voice.

Or how you interpreted the “[frequency-]print.”  

OK, so substratum communication, dipping into the storehouse, to have new insights hooked to my knowledge.

Or help to tie new connections.

Fine. I’ll stop now, and just sit here for a bit to see if I can tap into something new. [Nothing came] Until next time.  
3:00 P.M.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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