I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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On time and life-plans: Time Attractors or Nexus Events, the signs, signals and significance of life

Connecting: Setting a beacon. & shining a light into the darkness of being

Thursday 9/12/2019  8:40 a.m.

I have been thinking this morning about the problem of a time nexus, which acts as an attractor.

Case in point, the example(s) about how time ripples backwards, like when I picked up the tiny red star and knew it would be significant.  So the implication is like something in the many-worlds theory (of quantum physics), but where it does not only split infinitely as time progresses, but also “connects” again at time nexuses as it moves towards that point.

[As I type this up, I remember now that in the science community, there now is also talk about "temporal action at a distance,"  which means that events are linked not just across space but also across time ].

Anyway,  the word “nexus” stems from a root *ned, meaning “to tie, bind,” and also is related to our words “connect,” “node,” “net” (and possibly also “knot”).  [See below the text for details].

So since we had this before, “time is like a net” instead of not linear, plus the idea of the “net of Indra,” this all seems to CONNECT. Hmmm.  

Are you there?

The Club: We are here.  The other important connection is “shih,” that is a thing–event–phenomena [The Buddhist notion of “Shih”, see yesterday’s discussion].  In that a shih only arises as part of a condition, mutually arising.

So all time points ( thing/events) can never be seen in isolation, but can only be seen in their connection to all else. The word “connection” is a bit bad here, because it implies something like a node in a net with strings coming out of it, tying to other nodes. This is too limited, as it implies a limited amount of “connections,” instead it all connects to it, each “shih” contains all other time/event/things as we once had when we said that time is holographic.

Right. So how then can a point be an “attractor” time-point into which all flow?

Don’t you see?  All thing-events ARE such attractors!  Everything is intricately integral – whole with no part missing.  The integrity of each “shih” / time / event/ thing contains all.

But are some things/moments not more of an attractor point than others?  Case in point, the story of the star!

[some thoughts come through in the back of my mind]

The answer you just got was that it is selective, that you choose to give this more significance.

I can’t say if that is right. It seems like the significance here was spread through several such time events ( 1. The star, 2.  The Little Prince poem, 3. The certificate, … ).


AS if it was ONE event.  In essence, remember the idea of drawing a membrane around parts of the cosmic hologram?  In essence, this is the same, right?  A membrane around a series of events, that otherwise was not seen as connected.

But what is this membrane?  No more than a choice!  So in this case, the choice was the membrane around these events, tying them together, the common denominator was the experience, the significance – which by the way, also ripples into this moment through this dialogue.

So in a way, you have here, yes, what you call a nexus event, or series of events “tied together” more strongly by way of significance.

Remember:  significance is tied to SIGN or signal. [I had this in my first book, the Steps of Essence ]

So in a way, these events were a signal for something that is chosen as significant. Either by you or your connections ([for example, ] Heather “from beyond” ).


OK, I just got “signal” takes two:  the sender and receiver. [first mentioned here]

Right. Whereby in this case “you” were the receiver.  So guess who or what was the sender?

Could be many answers:  You the Club (my guidance),  me-from-the-future (LOL), or Heather “from beyond”…


Why is “me-from-the-future” funny?  Did we not talk about pre-percussions and cross-percussions (signs from variant lives)?

The point is, a signal was sent.

Also remember that ultimately, you, us, Heather, all …  are one “thing” so it still all “connects.”

Again, the point is, it was a membrane chosen as part of a signaling. When you picked up that star, it was “pay attention, this is important!”


Hmm, this is going into a completely different direction than I had anticipated.

Glad we could help (laughing).  But seriously, you want to know about nexus events.  The answer is, by itself no “shih” ( event/ thing/ phenomena) is more important than another, they all tie together, or even more, ARE holographically  one. ( That is the best we can say here, but you understand).

The thing is, that somehow (and we will leave it at “somehow”) some events are given more significance than others, so what you call bleed-through is not inherent in the shih ( event-thing ) itself, but in the MUTUAL ARISING of all, that gives it more significance ( for YOU, which is another “shih”).

I kind of understand. So the question you eluded is “somehow,” who or what gives it significance?

Oh, you know, we already said: guidance, cross-variant lives, future selves that have seen this [thing-event already], related connections, plus, yes, life-plans.

There is the word:  life plans,*  before life planning.  So that’s true?

*[“Life plans” are a big topic in the interlife literature, or life-between-life literature, which states that before a soul incarnates from the "interlife realm" into this life, certain events or themes are set up in advance, tests that will come along in the life, etc. ]

In a way, yes, and why not? As the soul constellation is assembled for a life, certain events can be made significant that are parts in the hologram

[Here the ink ran out in the pen.  I get up to get another pen and resume with that pen.  

This seemingly little event now is important in what follows as it will serve as an example of giving something special significance.  To understand what follows, I should mention that I had been using a special type of pen that writes very smoothly and thus does not make my hand cramp up.  And in preparation of the ink running out I had bought another one like it, except this one is a different model, and, as it turns out now, feels very differently. Apparently, all this was part of “the plan,” as there are no coincidences. ]

Ah! What perfect synchronicity (smiling):  The pen running out of ink is something you planned for, and you had another one there, because you knew it would happen sometime soon, right?

[ distracted, that new pen just does not feel right in my hand, and it distracts ]

Give it “time,” laughing.

[pause, frustrated because it broke the flow, the connection is waning ]
Not sure where to take this right now.  

Well, leave it at that.  Seems like you are really distracted there with your new toy, that pen (laughing).

So sad, we were in such good flow, and then it got broken. [ I am about to give up; instead I get up, and get another type of pen, a regular old, cheap,  ball-point pen.]
Just switched to another pen -- ah, that feels better!

Interesting:  an event you planned for, comes, yet turns out differently (laughing).

[ OK, I know somebody mocking me when I hear it… Pause…  not sure what to do ]

Why are we talking about this side trail?


Because it is not [a side trail]! It is and has significance.  You had given this other pen significance, as it seemed better than this cheap pen you use right now.  

It seems like a silly example, but it serves the point of setting something up as significant, which you [humans] do all the time in life.  Sometimes you turn “gnats into elephants,”  right?

But the difference is, you base this on your past, your cognitive and emotional thinking and react to something in the past, that then gives some “shih” (thing-event)  more or less significance.

You do this all the time:  you ASSIGN meaning to shihs ( thing-events).  You are meaning making machines, whereby the meaning is not inherent, but based (in this case) on your past experiences, sometimes even society’s history, or your genetics.

So now enter your “spiritual heritage” – us, you in your finished form as a probability cloud which includes all other variant lives, the oversoul, etc., all the way up to All-that-Is or the cosmic hologram (and down to each cell, atom, electron, and whatnot).  

The point is, these are outside the time-stream, and can see all shihs ( thing-events) for your life. So if you, or us, in your greater form see significance in something that is in “your future” [in my 3D life’s future], then this can be signaled.

Only in that way does it become a nexus event:  one given special significance.
The same for your life plans, as we hear you wondering about.

Such an event HAS to be a possibility in a given space of possible life events.  And if it is, then it can be given a higher significance.


So what does that mean?  Heather’s murder clearly was significant.  You are saying it was predestined?


Again, NO!  Because for other variants of your and her life, there it did not happen.  [I got this as: thereby it cannot be said to be destiny].

Now look: By giving it significance in, say, your life as part of a life plan, you set this up as a nexus, which many variants will tie themselves around, and align towards, as they traverse the life space.

So in a way, giving it significance from “the top” (completely wrong phrase) [an oversoul, a before-life life plan, etc.] is like increasing a probability, a weight, of that “shih”  (thing-event) happening.


I thought you said, all open branches are taken with all weights [= convictions].


Correct.  We don’t see a contradiction here. The point is for you this event was/is significant, so YOU steered towards it.  As did other variant lives.  However, other branches were and are taken.

Remember: Infinite variants. Infinite!  We should have another session on infinity – not that you don’t’ see it but you keep forgetting (laughing).  Infinite, and to maximize experience.


So, to wrap up:
Nexus events are because some higher form of myself, i.e. the Higher Self, or you or whatnot, assigned a greater significance to them. Thereby they are like signals, events with higher probability, that act also like attractor points in the life traversal for this particular life, whereby still other lives will never encounter it.

OK for now.

Long session.

It’s been bearing on you.

Until next time. 9:35 a.m.

This is what I had looked up prior to the session:

1. A way of connection, a link, a tie,…3. The core or center
From IE root *ned:  “to tie, bind”,  from Latin “necere” -> “nexus:  “to tie, bind, connect”

  • Also our word “net
  • Also our word “connect
  • Also our word “node” (from Latin nodus, meaning “knot”
  • Also our word “knot” may be related ( IE *gnot, but could not verify this)


Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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