I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

Eastern Religion

Inner voices: On Expectations and dropping expectations. Pitter, Patter, Singing in the rain

An inner dialogue, inspired by birds chirping despite a steady rain: unlike us, they are being without expectations. They are still “singing in the rain,” like Gene Kelly, dancing in that famous scene despite a fever. So just like rain drops, if we can drop expectations, we, too, can be, and live in Being.

Only partially right: the soul as a unit, reincarnation, past lives, life between life

We are divine spirits and souls, and there is something like reincarnation and past-lives. However, the traditional view of reincarnation, while there are some grains of truth to it, has flaws. Seeing a person and his or her soul as an individual unit that reincarnates over and over sets up a limited view of something so much greater.