I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Equanimity: even mind and even breath

Vipassana mediation teaches awareness of, and equanimity towards sensations. The breath is an access to both. Equanimity means even mind, but deeper, also even breath.

How to find paradise again, paradise is here and now

Do you know what paradise is? Do you know where paradise is? Do you know when paradise is? Do you know what paradise means? Paradise is here and now, and you can learn to renter it again with these simple techniques.

Namaste: A meeting of the minds, hearts, Spirits, and the Divine

When two Hindus meet, they often place their hands together in front of their hearts as if in prayer, bow their heads, and say “Namaste.” The Term itself literally means “I bow to you,” but in the West we often see things like “I bow to the divine in you,” or “the divine in me bows to the divine in you.” That is quite a leap, going from “you” to “the divine.” How can that be? It turns out, if done correctly, and only then, “Namaste” is a mini-technique for a meeting of the minds, hearts, Spirits, and the Divine. Let’s find out.