• It's Summer.

    Cappuccino flows in Italy.
    In Spain, Sangria.
    The Grass is green.
    The Flowers bloom.
    My Son says "Play with me!"


  • Do you remember where you were when you heard that Amy Winehouse died? The other day I heard a song by Amy Winehouse “Our day may come,” which was released after her death.

  • Lady Gaga is known for some of the wildest costumes and makeup ever conceived, as are the rockers of Kiss and Lordi (Eurovision song-contest winner). These performers put on fantastic masks as part of their act. But did you know that all of us wear masks and costumes in our daily lives as well as part of our own “act”?

  • In the earlier post “Can the mind heal the body?” I talked about how the mind may be able to induce changes in the body, including some that seem almost surreal (like heat blisters during hypnosis). If this is indeed possible, then this points to a potentially much stronger connection between the mind, or “consciousness,” and the physical than what we are used to believe in. In this article I will consider some of the implications, which are potentially immense.

  • Having a bad day? Feeling the blues? Live dragging you down?

  • The power of the human mind is amazing. It is said that we only use 15% of our brains, and every once in a while we see evidence of what the human mind can do that is absolutely mystifying, such as to cause physical changes within the body. In this article I want to ask: Can the mind heal the body?

  • Excellence literally means “to raise up” or “elevate.” Someone who is excellent at doing something is so because his or her actions stand our high above the rest.

    That’s why, when you want to be excellent at something, your actions must “stand out from the rest” -- and not just by being different, or bad, or excessive, but being “better.”

  • One of the keys to success and happiness is to always reinforce the good and play down the bad. Psychologists have long shown that you can use this to "shape" human behavior. But if you want to also be happier, there is little bit more to it.

  • Life expresses itself in so many wonderful ways – you only have to choose to see this. This is a truly profound insight, which can make a great difference in your life. In my book, "Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful Life," I reveal various secrets for finding happiness. One of the foremost is that you can simply choose to be happy. The statement above expresses that same truth.

  • One of the biggest issues that often keeps us from being happy is money, or rather, the lack of it. We often believe that "money equals happiness." But is that really so? In my book, "Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful Life," I take a critical look at this issue and the findings may surprise you.

  • My newest book is based on the very simple idea that if you find what makes you intrinsically joyful and then learn to align your life toward it, you will be happy. Thus the title "Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful Life." Happiness can be right there if you only allow it to be and cultivate the right things and actions in your life. To help with this, I present various little "Happiness Secrets" in the book. One such secret is to know "The Key to Happiness."

  • Sometimes we chase after certain things and think that they will make us happy. In my book "Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful life", I present various simple secrets for happiness, and one such secret is that we already have a lot of "little things" in our lives that can make us happy -- if only we choose to see them. Unfortunately, we all too often forget this and take them instead for granted. But isn't it a good day if you have health, food and shelter?

  • You are a superhero. Yes, it’s true – and you don’t have to wear a cape or a mask to be one. You already are, just by being you. For once upon a time, you took the plunge into life. At the moment of your conception there were a thousand other potential versions of you vying for this life, that is, a thousand male seeds trying to merge with that one female ovum. Each other combination would have produced a different biological “you.” But only YOU made it. Only you, uniquely you, took the plunge into life. That’s the jump of a hero. You already are a life hero!

  • What really is a miracle? If miracles were more common, would we still call them miracles? As I explain in “The Steps of Essence,” the words miracle and mirage are related and they imply feeling a sense of wonder. So ask yourself: what instills a real sense of wonderment in you? Is it something grand like Jesus walking on water? Or how about a woman with an injured spinal cord who was told by the doctors that she would never walk again, and yet does. Is that a miracle? What about our ability to feel love?

  • We all fail from time to time—-that is only human. The question is, how do you handle these failures?  In the worst case, a single failure can be so devastating that a whole life becomes woven around it. Then it is no longer "I failed at such and such" but "my whole life is a failure" or even "I am a failure!"  A related case if is somebody else has failed you and you cannot get over this.